YYF Genesis 135 vs. YYF Severe 2010

I’m going to start playing 5A but I need help on choosing which yo-yo to get between the genesis and the severe. So tell me which one is better ???. Also tell me if you recommend any other yo-yo’s for 5A ;D

I have both a 2010 Severe and a Genesis. I really like both, but I feel like the Severe can play more fast and it weighs less. The Genesis weighs more and plays more floaty. The Genesis has a different shape and has sharper edges. The Severe has also a really good looking shape I can’t really describe. It’s kind of like the original Severe, but different. If the 2010 Severe and the Genesis were next to each other and had a counterweight connected to them, I would really pick up both, but if I had to pick one, I would go with the Severe. Match it up with your preferences and see what’s best for you. Hope this helps you find what’s best! :wink:

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Where did you get your Severe 2010 ???

The 2010 Bay Area Classic Yoyo Championships. Got it autographed by: Tyler Severance, Augie Fash, and Miguel Correa. I think they also had them at the Japan Nationals. I also think that they will have them at every offical yoyo contest that Yoyofactory’s on until the release date.

you should get both of them
but i would say that the 2010 severe is better

For 5a I definitely recommend the Genesis. I have a Genesis and love it. I’ve tried the Severe 2010, and honestly, I didn’t like it much. They both play well, but it really comes down to which fits better in your hand. The way I hold the yo-yo, the Genesis fits perfectly in my hand, while the Severe is too wide and angled in the part where my fingers hold it.

So that’s my opinion, don’t know about you, but I’d choose the Genesis. Plus the Genesis is much cheaper, the Severe is $100-120.

The 2010 SEVERE is really extreme. They will be at YoYoExpert this week.

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Yes indeed they are, so is Tyler!!! An extreme yoyo for an extreme dude. I’m so glad I picked one up at the BAC. Thanks so much Ben. :wink:

Just ordered a severe 2010 ;D

i really want one!!!

THEIR EXTREME, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, AMAZING!!! I can’t describe the awesomeness. It truly deserves it’s name. So does Tyler!!! 8)

Caps or No caps?

I got a red one with caps

Which has wavelength.

i want the blue one it looks awesome :o

I was going to get the blue severe with wavelengths but i already have the YYF Superstar wavelength

Oh, cool. Wavelength looks awesome! Tyler always uses the blue wavelength with caps though. I think that color is the coolest looking!

i know! that is the color i want! it just looks so cool!