Genesis, Yuuksta, or Catalyst

I am looking for a solid yoyo that plays good all around and fast.
These three seem awesome so what are your recommendations?

genesis is a full sized h shape yoyo, very stable, rim weighted 84.99 bucks

yuuksta is basically a undersized genesis, still stable, if you like the genesis but not its size thten this is for you 64.99

catalyst is a new yyf yoyo that is the sized ish and shape of a rockstar but more rounded and less edgy, stable, floaty great choice. 84.99

Undersized= Yuuksta
Floaty= Catalyst
Oversized= Genesis
And all of them are very good and play fast?

well i guess i can say all of them are floaty dont just single out catalyst

yuuksta= undersized h shape

genesis= full sized h shape

catalyst= full sized rounded rockstar shape

how much are you looking to spend

$500 but I only have $100 left

Unless you like undersized more (like me), I would get a genesis or catalyst over the yuuksta. They both play better from what I have heard and are much more stable.

Thanx for all your help I’m gettin a yuuksta but should it be sb or lb

i say large bearing

large bearing and hurry and get a blue with silver splash before they run out.

Large bearing of course