Genesis or catalyst?

So, without price being an issue, which is the better yoyo? Also, the Genesis has a few pinpricks, but it still plays good so I don’t care. My order of yoyo preference:

Beat capped Raptor

Beat DV888

Beat uncapped Raptor

Alpha Crash


I’m currently leaning towards the Fenesis… Hmm…

I haven’t tried the genesis, but really want to. I actually didn’t like it that much… The genesis has more rim weight, as you can see in pics, its like “beefy” or something. But the catalyst’s shapes seems lke a shape many people would like. I might go with the genesis, only because soooo many people loved it. But the catalyst js probably a better deal…

The Genesis gets my vote, unless you are concerned about getting a Catalyst, seeing as they’re discontinuing them. The Genesis has massive rims for long spin times, and is extremely stable. It’s a 5A beast as well, and is, in my opinion, on of the best yoyo YYF has ever made.

Genesis = More stable and slower

Catalyst = Lighter, faster, floatier.

Doesn’t the Catalyst’s finish allow for better grinds?

Yes, the new Genesis have glossy finishes.

I have both the catalyst is a grinding machine and great for horizontal play while the genesis has a great catch zone you can put a ton of wraps in it and it won’t die

If you like technical play, Genesis.
If you like smoother, slack and whip type play, Catalyst. My vote goes to the Catalyst, I have tried both (and own a genesis if you want to buy…)

It’s a Genesis+, actually. I forget what Catalyst it so.