(Your opinion) Super G, Catalyst, or Genesis


I wanted to know what you think! (I have them so this is not a recommendation/help)



(UmeNagisa) #3

Super G


Catalyst. I dont always like full sized, but when i do, i play v shaped!


Catalyst gets my vote.


Genesis all the way!


I’m Gunna go with the catalyst on this one, I love mine

(SR) #8



I have all 3 and the Catalyst gets my vote!


Catalyst! Tied for favorite yoyofactory with the Supernova.


only one I have is a Genesis… I LOVE mine


Super g


Genesis for shizzle. Particularly the 2012 Genesis. it just seemed to play so much better than all the previous incarnations.


get the hot


I recently picked up a Catalyst and have been throwin it for awhile now.
It’s a super solid throw! And in my opinion very underrated


Catalyst. Use it with a Center Trac to increase the awesomeness.


Catalyst was the first nice metal yo yo i bought and I have been in love ever since. I don’t own the other 2 so my opinion is kind of bias. Anyways, if u do get one I would go for a 7075 special edition one. The only downside to this particular version is u don’t have access to the axle from the outside so u cant mod it and hub stack it. If you were interested in hub stack modding it just get a regular one. Hope this helps!


No one agrees



(UmeNagisa) #20

I beg to differ.

The super G rules over the genesis.
Better spin, faster play.

Just hate the name of the super g xD
I guess it’s preference.