Yoyofactory Catalyst vs Supernova vs Super G vs Genesis

So today I went to a yoyo store and I was choosing between a Yoyofactory Catalyst, Supernova, Super G and Genesis. So here are my first impressions on these yoyos:


Stability: 7.5/10 in the first 30 secs of sleeping it is very stable but then starts to tip.
Feel in hands: 7/10 very good feel for a butterfly shaped yoyo but not as comfortable as it’s H-shaped competitors.
Playability: It can handle any trick but does not make them very easy to learn. When I threw it… Hmmm… It felt somewhat " hollow" unlike the it’s competitors.


Stability:9/10 it is very stable and smooth and feels like you are a pro yoyoer when using it.
Feel in hands: 8.5/10 It’s rounded H-shaped profile makes a very large area to rest your middle-finger but not quite as large as the Genesis or Super G.
Playability: Handles any tricks with ease. I would give it a 9/10.


Stability: 9/10 It is very stable, " smooth and reliable.
Feel in hands: 10/10 When you hold the Super G, your middle finger fits right around the yoyo. It has a very distinct H-shape is soooooooo comfortable.
Playability: 9/10 with slightly more vibe than the Supernova it is more “reliable” feeling.


Stability: 10/10 This yoyo can go through around 1 whole min of “dancing around on the string” and will not have tilted even the tiniest bit. It is by far the most stable yoyo I have ever thrown.
Feel in the hands: 10/10 Pretty much the exact same as the Super G.
Playability: 10/10 This yoyo can go as fast and as slow as you want it to. To me it seems as if it has a “heart” it can handle ANYTHING you throw at it with extreme ease.

Out of the four yoyos I chose the Genesis to take home with me and would recommend this for intermediate- master yoyoers. :)[color=limegreen][/color]

No offense, but I think ratings are a little too…inaccurate…

Just wondering would u rate them? Cause that review came me using them for only about 20 mins. It would be great if I could hear what other people think

I’m saying that ALL ratings are inaccurate. Not just yours.

If I were you, I would use them more before making a review. Also, tell more about how it plays.