Supernova vs Genesis vs Catalyst. Which one?

How do these yoyos play? In your opinion, which is the best?



IMO, the best by FAR is the supernova, but Our opinion doesn’t affect what you like in a yoyo, so what do you like? Weight, size, shape, feel, etc.

If you answer some of these, we will be more informed in which yoyo to suggest.

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 I haven't been able to play many yoyos, so I haven't really been able to form many preferences. But from what I have tried, I know I like yoyos that are more of extremes in weight ( 64 grams or less, 68 grams or more). I don't really have preferences on size, I like full sized and undersized, but that doesn't really apply here, since all of these yoyos are about the same. I generally play slow to medium speed, but that may change as I get more skilled. I don't really understand terms like "floaty" very well, but from what I can tell I like yoyos with at least a little bit of float, even if its just a hint.

Some yoyos I have liked alot are the Adegle PSG, the Yoyofactory One, and the Yoyojam Vigilante.

I think you’ll be happy with any of these.
I have all three. And I will go with the supernova just because I feel like a pro whenever I play with it

This is stooping pretty low but… BUMP

Don’t mean to thread jack, but I’m curious as well, and I think this will contribute to the discussion. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that the Genesis and the Catalyst play fairly heavy on the string, or even “clunky” or “clumsy” at times. I’ve played none of these, but I’ve heard that the Supernova plays the lightest and fastest of the three… Is this true? I’ve been really wanting to try a Supernova, for the speed and the shape, but I’m not very fond of yoyos that play too heavy on the string. Of coarse, opinions will vary, but I’m interested in feedback anyway.

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The Genesis and Catalyst are not “clunky” at all. The Genesis is wide, and feels solid when I moves. The Catalyst is floaty, fast, and really comfortable to hold. I’ve never played a Supernova, but I’ve played a Nova, and while it played well, I found it to be rather “bland” and didn’t really have a personality.

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Thank you both! This is what i’ve been looking for.