Which of these yoyos is best for me?

I’m planning on buying my first high quality yoyo and can’t decide on which of these three to buy.

-Genesis by YYF
-Catalyst by YYF
-Quark by String Theory

I mostly do string tricks so I need something that is smooth and long spinning. If anyone has any suggestions then please post as I am open to all suggestions =)

If you are normally smooth and need long spinning then I would go for the Catalyst or Genesis because they fit your needs. I am pretty sure the quark is just out of the question here. I might pick the catalyst over Genesis if you are smooth and fairly slow because it is good for that.

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Thanks buddy! I am normally a slow player as I like the feel of it. I was eyeing the catalyst from the start so I’ll be putting my order in asap! Thanks for the help =)

Since you like to go slow the catalyst is like a slightly faster genesis, withought the spin time of the genesis. The genesis though is actually very fast and light even though it is 68 grams but it can handle slow play like a champ…best YYF right there, hehe.

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