Help for a friend. (YYF Recommendations?)

My friend needs help with picking a yoyo, but he doesn’t know what to get. He also wants to get a YYF to take advantage of the Protostar deal so I’m making this thread to help him pick a high end YYF.

His preferences are stability, long spin time to handle string hits, and a diameter of 55-58mm. He doesn’t like undersized throws or wide throws(like the Cascade’s proportions). He doesn’t grind so “glossiness” isn’t a factor. His current throw is the Avalanche(loves it) and he wants a Chief(played it before and has wanted it ever since) but he can’t afford one. I recommended the Proton and the Genesis, but he still has some doubt so I will call upon the yoyo community to aid him in his quest.

Thanks for your help! I will link this to him so he can read all of your feedback! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Feel free to mention any other throws besides the ones I listed!

I tried my friends genesis and all I can say is wow. He should get the genesis or supernova

I suggest he save for a Chief. Buying multiple cheaper yoyos isn’t always better than buying one really nice expensive one. But, if he’s set on YYF, I suggest the 7075 catalyst.

Supernovas are great. The shape is comfortable, it spins for a good deal and it lands on the string rather well.

I say the Super G. I love the shape, width, an it has a very long spin time!
Hope this helps!

Id go Proton. You cant go wrong with Turning Point (my favorite company) and Ive heard that it plays just like them. YYFxTP =Awesome.


Oh sorry. I forgot to mention that he already owns the Super G (that’s why it’s not in the polls). But thanks to everyone that put their two cents in! My friend is more than thankful!

Okay, then get a Proton! There awesome!

My brother’s supernova is very good. not sure about anything else, though.

Proton all the way. It’s basically a Turning Point yoyo made by YYF.


Genesis is pretty sweet, and I’ve heard some good stuff about the 7075s. Also a superstar would be awesome if your friend was looking for a stable, long sleeping yoyo. I hope this helped^^