Help me pick my birthday present

Ok well my birthday was 3 weeks ago and my dad i said he would buy me a throw and I still can’t decide. I want a smooth, stable yoyo thats maybe a little wider long spin time good grinds.
I’m considering a massive amount of yoyos. Clyw Puffin,Chief, Arctic Circle. One Drop: Code 1, Code 2, Cascade. Spyy: Revenger,Orbiton 5000 Duncan: Momentum. X Cube: Stampede,Zeus.
The ones I’m Looking at the most are Chief,Puffin,Cascade,Revenger,Momentum and Stampede.
Edit: I own a General-Yo Majesty, 3YO3 Capella and a YYF Genesis Love them all

The stampede sounds
Like what you want. It looks like its bead blasted so you have good grinds. It’s wider and probably has a good spin. It also seems smooth enough.

What throws do you have right now, and what is your skill level.

I’m going to recommend the Chief. If you don’t have one, you really can’t go wrong with it. To me, it just does everything really really well. I think a few other of my throws have more personality, but the Chief is all in all probably my most reliable throw. I know how its going to behave and its very consistent.

That sounds like the Puffin to me!

but if you want a more all around player id suggest a Chief

but if you dont like yoyos with too much float AC is your best bet.

all in all id still say puffin for you!

I have a puffin and a chief, and the reason i went chief over puffin for my recommendation was stability. I think the Chief has much more stability. The puffin isn’t bad, but at least for me once it starts off track, I can’t really do much with it, where as with my Chief, I can typically get it back on track. Both are awesome, but if I could only have one of the two, i would take my Chief.

understood haha!
but the Grinds of the Puffin and the flow it has,
are what really sold me to this throw!

but the flow of the chief is also pretty dang good haha

Tough call between these 2!