YoYoFactory VK Yo-Yo Review


Manufacturer YoYoFactory

Shape Butterfly / Wing

Weight [grams] 65.90

Width [mm] 41.06

Diameter [mm] 56.38

Gap Width [mm] 3.26

Gap Type Fixed

Bearing Size [Inside x Outside x Width] 5x10x4 mm

Stock Response System Kentaro Pad - Medium Sized
Specs from YoYoNation

Eight8Eight, M1, VK, Legacy, DV888
Eight8Eight, M1, VK, Legacy, DV888


The VK, a small bearing California. Vashek Kroutils Signature yo-yo. At first I was looking at a G5 or a

Skyline. But then I saw this video about the VK. So I decided to try a VK. Here is the video I saw:


               [b]First Thoughts[/b]

This yo-yo is a little bit bigger than I expected but looks pretty cool. I thought it would be a little heavier

for its size but it was kind of light. I noticed that it had a very rounded shape almost like a Pyro Light.

I dont really like rounded shapes but I did not mind it on this yo-yo.

                  [b]First Throw[/b]

Wow! This yo-yo is very smooth! It was also unresponsive right out of the box. The small gap allowed

me to do a very tight bind. This is a very forgiving yo-yo.


The VK fits just right in your hand. The anodizing feels really smooth in your hand.

                   [b]On A Throw[/b]

Like I said before it is a very smooth and light. It is very good for fast moving tricks.


This thing grinds like butter! It runs up your arm very smoothly! Most of the time it just sits on your

arm there and spins!


The VK is a very great yo-yo. It is the only yo-yo I use right now.

I highly recommend this yo-yo to anyone that likes large and light yo-yos.

Nice review!

did you take the setup from my reviews?
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well whoever it was from, if anyones, it was a good review.

It was gm users setup

Nice review!