Didja' catch that?

Oh yes the catch 13, You better grab this Yo-Yo before it’s sold out!
NOTE: I have a splashed version

Specs:Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 63.40
Width (mm) 37.91
Diameter (mm) 50.47
Gap Width (mm) 5.07
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System YoYoFactory Silicone Pad

Retail price: $79.99

Looks: Wow this is great, the shape is cutting edge, Humble in it’s own simple image giving a promising preformanse.The splash is great and the colors compliment each other, and even the nubs look great. On one side It sais “YoYofactory C13”

The first throw: "Wow this is amazing, It’s glides on the string, The YoYo and the string go together in perfect harmony like macaroni on cheese! The first throw is a little funky, unless you are used to this kind of shape, it will be different. Nevertheless Being funky it is great. The spin is great, and spins like a riot of cats chasing a mouse around a circus tent! ( a some what bad example :P)

In the hand: It feels really weird in a good way. It may be awkward the first time but when you get the time to get to know the yoyo, and maybe a steady relationship, lets get back on track, but it will take you a few throws to get used too. It is a little weird to get used to.

Size and weight: This is a light YoYo, but Doesn’t feel like an empty bind. It feels good at the end of the string. The size is good and reminds me of a mini superstar, with a little more angular shape.

Grinds, Response, and taste
: This yoyo is good enough to eat! That is a mistake i will never make again… Grinds are heavenly, it goes on your arm like butter sprayed with Pam, and soaked in Teflon, It grinds for a good while and feels so good. Thumb grinds are a Thumbs up, without hubstacks there is a good amount of space but sometimes the nubs get in the way. The response is unresponsive with tight binds. It can handle 6 on trapeze, ( The one after quintriple).

Final thoughts
: Great yoyo highly recomand it to any one who wants to step out of there comfort zone. and into a new era of Yo-Yoing.
Pros: You can pic out knots off the bearing with out taking the yoyo apart because of the angular shape. Spin times, grinds, looks.

cons: Wait can there be a con to this yoyo?

I will give it: 9/10

Thanks to:
Dr. YoYo for giving me ideas for a good review,
Ben from YYf
Who ever thought of this yoyo
The community for being so kind
Me for being so good at righting reviews
YYN for specs
And Andre For creating this amazing Site

Thanks this is my first review, feel free To give constructive critisem (like telling me how to spell criticism :’( )

Thanks world :stuck_out_tongue:


~ Hummus Dwarf

Great review! Thorough and well formatted. I’d give it a 9/10 myself. ;D

P.S criticism <= thats how you spell it btw. :slight_smile: lol.

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I’d like to hear more about the shape. How does it feel when holding, throwing, and catching. Also, it would do well to point out somewhere that this is a re-creation of YoyoFactory’s Catch-22, and so the shape comes from there.

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great reveiw :wink:


Great Review! Now I understand about the c13. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]


Awesome review! :smiley:

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This is a very well written review, so I decided to bump it.

great review. Bump also.

Good review! Keep it up.

Thanks Guys! (And thanks for the free bumps)