Catch Thirteen-Now with Pictures


Decided to buy a C13 after maybe months of adoration of the Catch 22 and Guy Wright’s Catch 22 video…

So I came home today with the unexpected arrival of the Catch 13. (Isn’t the post office closed on weekends? I ordered it on Thurs I would’ve expected it on Wed) Anyways after a half hour of arguing with my mom that the “free” package wasn’t this it was coming later, and then avoiding the price question…I slipped some Chaos Strings onto the yo-yo (By the way it came with what I think would be 100% polyester green) and started throwing.

My assessment:

Throw: Wow-ish. Like it would seem, the yo-yo seems to be balanced and fine, but screw up your throw, and it will lash back at you. First few throws I did died out within ten seconds.

Hold/Shape: Also new. Not bad. New. I’m holding it with my middle finger in the gap and my index and ring resting on the rims. With an angular shape though, the string will be prominent within the gap and you will be touching it when holding. Let it be noted though, that I’m using rather long string. The shape…the yo-yos I’ve used before are ones like the 888 and the Dark Magic. with my index and ring resting on the rim and middle inside the gap my middle finger is about half a finger width below the other two. With the C13, it’s a full finger below.

Touch: About as smooth as an 888.

Sound: This is what I love. With my other two winged yo-yos, I can hear a fan-like sound when held close to the ear. Although, the 888’s hubstacks deafen the sound. The C13 is loud enough for me to hear it when it arcs by during a Matrix. It’s a beauty to listen to.

Arm Grinds: Mostly smooth. Although, there’s a sweet spot you need to hit for optimal grinding. Otherwise, it can arc off or tilt too far.

Thumb Grinds: Like butter. No vibe, no sound, like butter.

String Tricks: The C13 glides through the string on a good throw. On a bad throw, you may have to make some corrections before Wombo Comboing.

Spin time: On a good throw, it can last you for a decent time and then some.

Slacks/Whips: I’m not too sure if it’s because of a bigger string gap, but I feel like with its shape, the C13 is really easy to “target.”

Gyro Flops: I don’t know how, usually I get maybe 5 tops with my 888 three tops with my Dark Magic. I feel like I can go up to 10 with the C13. Possibly because of the only friction being the response.

Fake Binds/Hand Starts/Snap Starts: Fake binds are very easy the string catches rather quick. Hand starting, too is easy, you instantly know where to place your thumb. Snap Starts…I can’t do snap starts.

Look: Mine is a silver with black center…It looks cool.

Verdict: If you’re looking for the most unorthodox yet well-performing yo-yo, this is a candidate. Beware, major adaptation is needed to use this yo-yo. If your throw is not perfect, you will not be able to fully appreciate the potential that this yo-yo has. I feel like it’s beautiful, sleek, buttery, and smooth, yet I haven’t been able to fully master this yo-yo.

UPDATE 8:32 P.M. With the angular shape it’s rather easy to get out some knots. An unexpected benefit. Also, the yo-yo dies in a pretty peculiar way…details to come.

UPDATE 4:07 P.M 9/1 Fitted the yo-yo with hubstacks. Not too bad. There is vibration. Major vibe. I get it maybe about once every five throws. It’s hard to take the hubstacks out with the small thumb grind area.

UPDATE 11:59 P.M. Added pictures. I used a DM, and 888 to compare. The second to last picture, I fitted the yo-yo with hubstacks.

UPDATE 8:21 P.M. Finished spin time and string trick part.


Nice review. Put together pretty well and easy to read. Pics maybe?


Awesome review.

I had one but the shape was just not for me. Yea, to have this you need an amazing throw, it is very unforgiving.


I’ll put on pics when time is available.


More pictures


I looks like a Catch22 to me.

Nice review!

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

Nice review! :smiley:


Hey thanks for the review, I was thinking if I would get one of these in the distant future and with this review I actually might be more persuaded to do so. I’ve never seen a metal yoyo in person before so it’ll be different. But I won’t be buying anything anytime soon, I’ll be sticking with the DM that I’ll be buying here shortly.

Oh and its a very good review I should say. Very well done. Thorough would be the world I’m looking for.

(SR) #9

Amazing review, you should write more reviews! Keep it up!


nice review dude. I now have made my decision whether I should get it or not. The answer is not. Glad I found this review before purchasing.


A mere push of the thank you button seems impersonal, so thank you all for the positive feedback of my first review.

(JackG) #12

i like 888’s
anyway great review

(Mark) #13

Hahaha. Wombo comboing.