SR's Catch 13 Review

SR’s Catch 13 Review

The Catch 13 from YoYoFactory is based off the ever popular Catch 22 from YoYoFactory. Built to YoYoFactory’s specifications, you know this has got to be one good yo-yo.

This review is part of the Worlds Countdown Product Review Series. I tried this at BLC.

First Impressions-
Wow, this yo-yo is nice. It’s undersized, angular, and beautiful. The black and the silver blend together perfectly. Put it in your hand, and it fits nice. Once you put it in your hand, you will notice that it is very light, too. But we want to know how it plays…

Product Play-
This yo-yo plays very well. It is smooth and light. It almost feels like you are throwing air, because it is as light as it is. It is slightly off balance I noticed, also. As I said, this yo-yo plays well, but it’s not for me.

Product Specifications (YoYoFactory)-
Weight- 64 gm
Width- 38 mm
Diameter- 50.5
Gap Size- 50 mm
Response- YYF K-Pad

It’s light, smooth, undersized, angular, and beautiful. These are some things that make up a wonderful yo-yo. But this yo-yo had some up’s and downs. Let’s focus on the downs… I was a little disappointed in the price. It was $80 dollars, as much as a BOSS. I was not expecting it to be that high, but I wasn’t expecting fundaMETAL pricing either. This yo-yo isn’t for me, but it may be for you. Check it out sometime! I would rate this yo-yo 7/10.


all “catch 13” costs 80$ or only “splash editions” ?

check this blog.

Hey SR, I would recommend you put more on product play, your review is good, but if you look at reviews from like Dr.yoyo his yoyo play part is like the length of your review…not saying you have to have it that long, just longer would be better.

I don’t think that he’s able to fit a lot more in there considering the fact that he’s only played the yoyo for a relatively short amount of time.

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/facepalm…I forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much for this review! I was almost sure that I wanted this, but I wanted a yo-yo with a very big gap like the DV888 and your specs provided that! Thanks!

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lol yea, apparently the Catch 13 has a 50 millimeter gap ;D. But otherwise, good review.

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