Review: YoyoFactory C13

Sooo I recently decided to get a new yoyo since I hadn’t done so in about 6 months, but I was looking for a more V-shaped yoyo. I stumbled upon the C13 and I was like OOO I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!!! so I searched the net for one since they are now discontinued…I found some at and I practically squealed with delight! I got the black with black splash anodization.

Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 63.40
Width (mm) 37.91
Diameter (mm) 50.47
Gap Width (mm) 5.07
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System YoYoFactory Silicone Pad

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First Impressions: Wow…the box it came in is YYF’s premium collection. I’ve never had a metal before so I was pleasantly pleased with the box it came in. I really think YYJ should upgrade their boxes to look cool like YYF’s because I like a cool box myself. I then looked at the cool splash anodization. I’ve never seen anything so cool in my life. The parts that were splashed pretty much shone in the sunlight while the rest was still shiny, but not as shiny as the splashed places. I took it out of the package and was like WHOA this thing is super tiny, because I had been playing a New Breed for the last 6 months and everyone knows that those yoyos are FAT lol. I put the string that came with on it and…

First Throw: Wow. Dead Smooth. I’ve never had a yoyo that had no vibe before this one. I just could not believe how long it spun either! Its modeled after the Catch 22 so I suspected a interesting feel, and I got it. Snappy binds galore.

After a while: I swapped out the poly string that came with it for some alchemy string, and I let the throwing begin. I played it for a whole week, just being amazed at how this little piece of art worked. Its extreme shape makes it look way wider than it is, its in fact pretty skinny by a lot of players standards, at only 38mm. I like a skinnier yoyo and this yoyo just played for me like it was meant to. It floats in the air when you go to do whips, it catches slacks easily thanks to its super shape

Grinds: Sorry, I’m kind of a grind freak so I have to put this section in here. Its just anodized, but its still the best grinder I’ve ever had. The best before was the celcon in my new breed, and that was pretty good. I can run it up my arm 3 times before I have to bind back, which I absolutely love lol. Thumb grinds are pretty good, just the fact that that little nub in there sometimes catches your thumb and it goes crazy, smaller thumbs shouldn’t have a problem grinding. I succeeded in getting a 5 second finger grind when I had a glove on, and I could also do this thing where I could hold the yoyo kinda like hubstacks but more like a double thumb grind on my fingeres. Pretty radical lol.

Hubstacks: The C13 has nubs so it can take hubstacks, its not recommended that you use them because it upsets the balance of the yoyo since it has such extreme rim weighting. I let my curiosity get the best of me and took the hubstacks off of my PGM and put them on it. I threw a sleeper. It looked fine for about 10 seconds and I was like Oh this aint so bad, no vibe at all. But then I waited. At about 30 seconds the vibe was so bad that you couldn’t even tell the shape of the yoyo. I tried to play with it but the vibe got the best of me every time. I had to remove them. They were fun for about 10 minutes but the vibe makes the yoyo unplayable.

Final Thoughts: I think that the C13 is a really great yoyo. It is my first metal, and I really enjoy it. The only bad thing that I have to say about this is that its unstable on a bad throw, and it gives bad vibe if you don’t give a good throw. I recommend it to anyone if you can find one lol

Wow nice review.

GREAT REVIEW!! That makes me want one now…