YYF Splash Hectic Review by Gizzyo!

My Second review (i know i am on a roll :D) still need constructive cricistism (sorry for spelling) would be nice.

YoYoFactory SB Black/Aqua Splash Hectic.


Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Shape H Shape

Weight (g) 65.40
Width (mm) 34.78
Diameter (mm) 50.08
Gap Width (mm) 4.26
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) 5x10x4 mm or .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Kentaro Pad - Medium Sized
Turning Point K-Pad YoYoFactory Sized

Looking around my eyes caught this beautiful, black/aqua splash hectic. A nice anno and cool logo, this was mine, all mine!

Once again YYf make a nice smooth yoyo. It is very similar to the dv888, really small, but slim like the G5.Which is hard to adjust to after useing a wide yoyo for a while. Though i really like its edgey feel. Not only that its nice undersized profile, which fits nice in my hand.

First throw:
This slept so long. not only that but its was AMAZING. Smooth, acurate, just plain amazing. It also has no wobble, very nice. With a nice tight bind i was in awe.

A week or two:

It might be small but is up for anything, Whip, slack, speed, smoothness, chopsticks. Long Spinning, due to its rim weight Infact this sleeps just as good as my dv888. Which is like 3 mins. really unseponsive and very accurate. With a small bearing i has nice tight binds too! thought i wish i had a bigger gap. Other than that this yoyo is a great player!

Small but Mighty. Nice job YYF


Nice Review! Keep it up.

Happy Throwing! =]

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Thanks! ;D

Good review Gizzyo. But you might want to add a little more depth to how the yo-yo plays. But other than that, good review.

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Yeah i noticed it was a little bear.

Great Review Gizzyo! I have been looking for reviews on a Hectic! But as Ewski said, go a little more in depth. Otherwise, it’s a good quality review! :wink:

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If i get a little more time with it i can get more in depth.

edited it soome more just tell me if its still bear.


Nice review Gizzyo!

The edited version is a lot better :slight_smile:

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thanks i had a feeling it was. :smiley: