YoyoFactory 888 Review

I just recently got the yoyofactory 888, splash colour. This is a great yoyo, it has also won four national titles. This yoyo uses silicone response, it weighs 66 grams, is 1.99 inches in diameter, and has a width of 1.66 inches. One thing that i really love about this yoyo is the gap.
    This yoyo has a huge gap that makes it much easier land the yoyo on the sting, and doing string tricks. I also really love the hubstacks. This was my first yoyo that i have ever had with hubstacks, and i found them especially fun (especially when doing tricks). I also like how the hubstacks (with the splash colour) stand out because they are green on the black yoyo. The hubstacks also spin for a very long time. I also really like the size of the yoyo. I have never had a yoyo that was this small, but i actually really liked it! I actually think the smaller size helps when doing some tricks. It just took me a little while to get used to the smaller size, since i am used to using my Duncan Metal Zero, but it didn’t take me too long and after that it was smooth yoyoing. That’s another thing I really love about this yoyo. it is incredibly SMOOTH! I couldn’t even notice that the yoyo was attached to the string because it was so smooth. This yoyo also spins for a very long time, you can do all kinds of tricks before the yoyo stops spinning (haven’t actually timed it). The rims are also pretty good for thumb grinds. It’s hard to explain, but it feels like there’s extra space around the rims to do grinds on.
    I don’t have many yoyo’s to compare this 888 to. All i really have is my metal zero, so i’ll just have to compare it to that. The 888 is a lot smaller in diameter than the Metal zero, but it is bigger in width, and almost the same weight (the metal zero is actually 0.1 grams lighter). Another obviouse difference is the 888 uses silicone response (as i metioned), but the metal zero uses duncan friction stickers. The 888 also spins longer than the metal zero, and in my opinion looks cooler (splash colour).
    Overall, the is great yoyo with long spin time, and incredibly smooth play. This yoyo also looks really cool (as i have mentioned). This yoyo also feels really comfortable and feels great in your hand! I give this yoyo a 5/5, and recommend it to anyone who is willing to pay over $100 for a yoyo, who knows how to bind (because it is non-responsive http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/030-intermediate-bind-returns.html <-- Bind returns), and most importantly, loves to yoyo ;D!


enjoy the yoyo, and awesome review.

Do the hubstacks spin with the yo yo? and if so, do they keep spinning even when the yo yo stops

ya they keep spinning when the yoyo stops.

Haha thats nice. Just like hubcaps

I need to say this again. One of the best reviews other than DrYoyos. That was nice and long, and let us know exactly what you thought. Good Job!

awsome review! :smiley: :wink:


Awesome review… I also just got my Splash 888 like 2-3 weeks ago and it plays like an angel… I LOVE IT!!! :smiley:

Ya i no! its awesome!

I agree with you spinner. The 888 was my first small yoyo and hubstacks are really fun to
play with.

keep spinning