YoyoFactory 888x in full

  YoyoFactory 888x 

    Price - $99.99
    Manufacturer - YoYoFactory  
    Shape - Wing
    Weight (g) - 67.80  
    Width (mm) - 40.00  
    Diameter (mm) - 50.00  
    Gap Width (mm) - 4.85  
    Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) - .250 in x .500 in x .187 in  
    Gap Type - Fixed  
    Stock Response System - YoYoFactory Silicone Pad

Although the 888x is, without a doubt, my favorite yoyo, I’m going to be completely honest with this review.

When I first pulled the 888x out of it’s box, it was smaller than I expected it to be and was definitely more shiny than I expected. It’s very smooth for grinding and could sleep for about 6-7 minutes right out of the box. It had a couple problems though. The yoyo tilted a little bit to the left, which slightly affected play. The tilt went away when I switched to a different bearing though. It also snagged a little when I tried to bind and was a bit responsive. This fixed itself after about an hour of play. The silicone pads need to be broken in when it’s first taken out of the box. (I currently use K-pads in my 888x. I find them to play a bit smoother and more unresponsive).

The undersized butterfly shape fits in your hand very nicely and doesn’t hurt at all when you catch it. The yoyo itself is a bit heavy, which allows for longer sleep times, but it doesn’t feel very heavy when it’s in use. It also fits through small gaps easily since it’s undersized.

Although it’s undersized, the gap is still full sized.

Dark Magic: Width (mm) - 41.31
888x: Width (mm) - 40.00

The 888x is vibe free. It doesn’t matter if you have a Konkave bearing it or the bearing it came with. It’s incredibly smooth both on and off the string. It even feels smooth when you’re holding it by the hubstacks. It has a unique floaty feel to it as well.

No matter what speed you play, the 888x can handle it. Whether you play fast or slow, it’ll meet the your needs. Playing as fast as I can, combos can last up over a minute with it. It fits the slow, smooth styles of play too. It fits through gaps easily and can have multiple string layers around it.

The inner lip is big enough for thumb grinds and smooth enough to keep them going for quite some time. There’s also a very small ridge on the outside. I find this ridge around the rims to be very comfortable and it helps keep the yoyo balanced on your finger for finger grinds.

It binds pretty tight. You can bind it up when the spin is nearly completely gone without any trouble at all. Once the pads are broken in, the binds have no snag at all. No need worrying about getting a knot around the bearing when you bind, and drilling yourself in the face on your next throw.

The finish on it is very smooth and looks fantastic. Unfortunately, it scratches easily. Most of the scratches do eventually go away with more use, but be careful of hitting things. It doesn’t take a hard hit to scratch it. Although it scratches fairly easily, it can take a hard hit without having any play effected.


The 888x is one of the best yoyos on the market. It’s also one of (if not the only) 888 that’s under $100. The 888x just brought YoyoFactory one step closer to creating a flawless yoyo.
Smoothness - 9/10
Feel - 9/10
Durability - 8.5/10
Matador Play - 9.5/10
Overall play - 9.5/10
Overall – 9.1/10

    The YoyoFactory 888x is a great yoyo. It comes with a few minor issues that soon fix themselves in a short period of time. Of all the yoyos I own/have tried, it’s by far my favorite.

Good review, you hit how fast it plays, size and shape. And all the other major parts such as response and smoothness.

Also from the stats, it’s rather actually heavier for an 888…

I love mine dearly, but it really is quite unstable.

Thank you guys. I’m going to try to get more reviews up for more of my yoyos soon.