Yoyofactory DV888 [My first review.]

I didn’t have time to take pictures, as it is almost time to go to sleep.

Today I will be reviewing the Yoyofactory DV888. A budget yoyo. This is my first review, so you can leave a comment or PM me on what to do better.

 This is a Yoyofactory yoyo. I know there's a lot of yoyofactory haters, but I don't see why. Yoyofactory is personally a really good brand. I know theres a lot of other brands to buy from, but why do you have to hate against a brand? Who cares if you like it or not, its all personal preferance. If you don't like it, don't buy it. It's also made in China, who says China cant make high quality things, too?
  Here are some specs for this yoyo.

Diameter: 50.04 mm / 1.97 inches
Width: 40.58 mm / 1.6 inches
Gap Width: 4.67 mm / .18 inches
Response System: K-Pad - ‘888 Size’ (Slim Pad)
(Older Version Pre Dec 2009 Used
Grind Machine Size Pad)
Weight: 66 grams
Bearing Size: Size C

 Now lets get into my personal opinion. This is definetly a great budget yoyo. I prefer undersized, which this is. It has a very nice shape, which I got used to in less than a minute. I personally think this should be $100 or more. I would pay that, that's how much I like this yoyo. It is beadblasted for longer grinds, so I can get really good grinds. I'd say my grinds on this yoyo are 5-6 seconds or longer, and thats really good because I can't throw it very hard.
   It is also very, very smooth. It's smoother than a lot of my throws, and I know your going to be mad at me for saying this, but its probably as good as my chief. The chief is 4x the price. The chief is a better player, but this is probably smoother than it. This does NOT have a good IGR, but it is definetly possible to do thumb grinds.

Final thoughts:

This is definetly a yoyo that everyone should have in there case. For the price, it’s unbeatable, and for the play, its unbeatable. Definitely a competition ready yoyo, right out of the box. I would choose it for a competition, if I was good enough to be in one lol.

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good review. I enjoyed the bit about how you talked about if you don’t like a company, don’t hate on them, just don’t buy from them. some things to touch in your next reviews could be things like stability, or speed of the yoyo, weighting concerns, things like that. for the most part, people who read reviews want to know EVERY SINGLE thing they can about that throw before they buy it. Some like the mystery of not knowing much about the yoyo they’re about to throw. Some, (like myself) just enjoy reading reviews. Overall that was a good review though, keep writing them!