888x review

The YoyoFactory 888x is a very ballenced, well spinning yoyo. It is small, not too small but not too big. just perfect. for size i would rate it a 8/10. for ballance i would rate it about 9/10. spinning time is pretty long, i have had it scence christmas and i timed it in the middle of march and got like 4:30 or something, 8/10. the only thing i dont like about this yoyo is, it scratches REALLY easy! i got a buch of scuff marks all over it for putting in on my yoyo holder! 4/10 for being scratched easy.


50 mm / 1.97 inches


40 mm / 1.57 inches

Response System:

CBC Slim Pad Size 19mm OD


67.8 grams

Bearing Size:

Large SPEC (Size C)

Reply if you have any questions. hope it helped. i have the 03/01/2010 version.

I didn’t really like it either.
Try the YYJ SR-71!!!

Nice review, but it was a little short, and most people dislike the /10 score system as everybody has a different view on what is a 5/10 or a 7/10 etc.