yoyofactory 888x review!!

Hey guys!! when i was at the Ohio State yoyo contest i was SO HAPPY when i saw the yoyofactory table so i took a walk over there and bought an 888x so lets get to the review shall we.

First Impressions: when i first held the 888x the first thing i said to myself is “This thing is beautiful”. and it’s really wide.

First Throw: when i took my first throw of the 888 i knew it was a piece of true art it was smooth and just incredible.

Play: this thing plays amazing it fits through little string tricks really good and stuff like that.

Spin: This thing spins forever nouf said.

Hubstacks: by far the smoothest hubstacks i have ever pulled the hubstack spintime is bout 6-8 mins.

Width: this thing is wide although it fits through tight tricks with ease and comfort.

Grinds: this thing grinds like a dream thumb grinds are ok it’s a small area to get ur finger into but finger grinds are amazing!

Looks: this yoyo is probably one of YYF’s best looking yoyos its shiny on the inside and duller on the outside “For grinds”


Feel 10/10
weight 9/10
grinds 9/10
spin times 10/10
looks 10/10
binds 10/10
hubstacks 10/10

Overall rating: 9/10

this yoyo is my new fav!!


specs and a description would be nice


My favourite YYF to date but it’s really unforgiving on a bad throw. Throw well, and it works incredible

you should have added more details in how it plays, and looks and whatever

If you could put a little more detail than it awesome! Maybe make it a little longer and more detail and tell you if it uses beadblasting and stuff. More detail is my point, and maybe only say it’s awesome like once at the end.

nice review man.

yeah needs some more detail but that was a good review!