YoYoFactory 888x Review

So I have just received an 888x in a trade and decided to make a review about it. Here goes:

Intro:The 888x is the 2010 version eight8eight. Many people have wondered if it is anything like the classics and hesitated to get one. But let me tell you this yo-yo is definatly an awesome throw! Now onto the rest of the review!

First Impressions: I got this yo-yo in violet and wow. This yo-yo has a stunning anodize and the finish is nice and smooth for grinds. The hubstacks that it comes with are white but I switched them out for black which makes it look much smaller but much cooler. This yo-yo comes with the traditional to YYF K-Pads. This response is amazing! The binds are nice and tight but not too tight as small bearing metals are. Now all I want to do is throw this thing after a few moments of staring…

On a Throw:Smooth… Stable… I was drooling! I was awesome! I did just a simple laceration and it was a breeze the string went right into the gap and my finger caught the loop perfectly. Then I went into a suicide and I caught it too perfectly! This thing is amazing. Now time to try a grind. I throw the yo-yo down and pop it up for an arm grind and wow! It slid wait… did I say slid I mean glided up my arm and popped off the other side and still had over 2 min of sleep time! I threw it down again and tried a thumb grind. There is a nice little groove that is far enough from the hubstacks to perform a thumb grind. The thumb grind went for about 5 sec and then i binded it up and still had quite a bit of sleep time. This yo-yo is amazing!

Conclusion:This yo-yo is a must have in any collection. It still is impressing me even now! If ever your classic eight8eight has a vibe or breaks talk to YYF and they will send you a 888x. Get yours today!!!

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Nice review, try to add some pictures next time. :wink:

yea just add pics
but nice review