Better YoYoFactory 888x review

Intro:I have been trying to get my hands on one of these for a while. I have a friend at school, Ben (Benyo on the forums), Who has a beautiful violet one. I offered him my 2010 G5 but no he didn’t want it. So I found someone who was trading a Grind Machine Two and I jumped at the opportunity. I traded my 2010 G5 and my Velocity for a Grind Machine Two and asked Ben if he wanted to trade. He said, “YES!!! But I have to check with my dad first.” That took a day to decide and I was getting worried he would say no but he said yes! Finally it’s in my grasp!!! The beautiful violet gleamed in the sunlight when he handed it to me. YES!!!

First Impressions:Violet. Awesome color. This 888x was one of the new types that had the metallic anodizing. It looks great. Nice, Shiny,a nd not to mention sparkles in the sun! This yo-yo has a classic shape except has nice little grooves that help stable the grinding. First thing I did when I got home from school was pop off the yellow and white hubstacks and put on my black ones that I had been saving for this moment. It looks like an angel with black wings! AWESOME!!! There is not much to say about the response. Normal YYF K-Pads. Nice, clean, tight binds.Now it is all set up with green string (green ftw!!!), black hubstacks, and YYF K-Pads. Lets throw it!!!

On a Throw:This is no G5 on stability but certainly a Mighty Flea on speed! I went right into my test trick: Skin the Gerbil. At the end on the trick the yo-yo was kinda tilting but still has enough spin for a good bind. I decided to switch the bearing out for my special CT. It improved the stability, spin time, and everything else possible. This made it sleep around two minutes longer and Skin the Gerbil didn’t make it tilt anymore! I threw it into a wrist mount and popped it out as fast as i could. Wow. That was only like three seconds! This thing is crazy! No wonder Yuuki Spencer loves them! I decided to try an arm grind. It glided up my arm and popped off the other side and still had enough time to do a sick front combo! I decided to go into some more complex grinds: thumb grinds and grind transfers. I threw it down for a thumb grind and popped it up for one. There was just enough room for my thumb between the hubstacks and the top of the side. There is a nice little groove just for your nail just like on the G5! The grind lasted for 5 seconds and I had just enough spin time for a bind. Now onto a grind transfer. I decided to do a finger to an arm transfer. I popped it up and help it on my finger for 1 second and then popped it over to my arm. It shot off the end and I still had plenty of spin time! this yo-yo continues to amaze me!

Conclusion:If your looking for a yo-yo and you are advanced go for this one. Also maybe order a KK or CT if you do fast tricks but otherwise it should be good stock. If your eight8eight gets a vibe tell YYF and get a good 888x for free from them. I personally have not tried a classic enough to know how well they play but I just can’t imagine a 888 better than an 888x. I’m sure a lot of you disagree but again thats just my opinion. Thanks for reading! Any suggestions? Just post them here!

that was one effing good review ;D ;D btw how good is g5?? i really want both of them !!!

That was an excellent review. :wink:

Thanks guys! The G5 is pretty good! I wrote a G5 review so look for it!

:o You gave up a GM2? They are worth more then a used 888x, you should have kept it, or at least have given it to me :wink: But then again, I wouldn’t have read this review if it weren’t for that gm2.

great review, and what was that part about telling yyf about vibe and getting one for free? :o

my 888x came with a CT. hmmmm ???

the newer 888xs come with center tracs

It was a B-Grade

My didnt because I got it in a trade from a guy who got it from a trade.

oh…but imagine if it were an OG GM2

Nice review man! Keep it up! I like the previous editions of the 888 better though. Wait… then why do I have an 888x?

Lol ya so do I. Anyways I already traded this lol.

hey guys i just got my 888x and i was doing a thumb grind and when i pulled out my thumb there was the yoyo color on my thumb. so i look in the yoyo and where i was grinding the color was faded. i did it again and the color was gone and the place i was grinding was silver. help please

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awesome review

Who’s signature is on the 888x?

very nice review i really want a 888x

I bought the 888x as my first ‘modern’ yoyo with no clue how to even bind. Took a bit but figured that out and many other ‘tricks’ and mounts… I also have bought many other yoyos, but somewhere between then and now I stuck in a OD 10 ball. I must say this is a 100% smooth spinning yoyo. No vibes whatsoever. I have not seen the anodize come off as others have. A fantastic yoyo IMO. The 10 ball makes it silent and even smoother than it was stock.