888x Review

This is a review for the yoyofactory 888x.

First out of the box thoughts: wow what a small and beautiful yoyo with its soft purple color and shining sides. it was amazing with tricks and was smooth as silk. It is awesome for grinds considering i couldn’t do any before.

Pros: Fells good and solid in your hand. when i haven’t yo-yoed all day and pick it up i am still always astounded at how smooth it is. a couple more scuffs but still looking good and it has a good spin time. The anno is pretty durable but it has some white places.

Cons:having trouble with the hubstacks. One is messed up and spins a 3rd as long as it did at first. So don’t frequently take off your hubstacks

Diameter-50 mm

Width-40 mm

response system-k-pad

weight-67.8 grams

bearing size-large spec (size c)

The 888x is so worth every cent and soooo smooth i would recommend it for advanced+ players.
if you buy this as a begginer, i will kill you >:(
just kidding

critizism is welcome ;D

specs and pics would be nice
your review seems to be disorganized, and doesnt go into much detail.

i don’t have a clue how to upload pics but there are pics of the 888x on this website :smiley:


Why are you bumping this o.o I didnt learn anything from this review other than someone else likes the 888x. It told me nothing. o_o

paint? its anodized, not painted

look, you have told ME nothing. i made this for people who are considering buying an 888. when i say “critism is welcome” I mean to make the post better for the buyer. There is no reason to just say "this review just told me someone likes the 888. I said why its good and bad and bumped it for again future buyers. If you arn’t considering an 888 then please don’t say This just told me someone likes the 888

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I have the hubstack problem too. It doesn’t matter though, as long as they aren’t freezing when you do pull stars O.O

Bump for yosuf

sounds good :wink:

i bought this as somewhat of a beginner and i wanted to get rid of it. i am better now and i love it so much more.