YYF 888x review

To start this off, I’d like to say this is my first review, so don’t hate.

First impressions: woah, this feels so small. This is my first undersized yoyo, and it is a lot smaller than I would have thought. Compared to my genesis or superstars, this feels like a small toy. Wen I compare them side to side, I dont see much of a difference, but when I play them separately, I can feel that the 888x is much much smaller than either my genesis or superstars. Right out of the box I tried some grinds, and on finger thumb and irgs this yoyo dominates. It seems to have the same finish as my genesis, but grinds much better. It might have something to do with the shape.

After 3 weeks: just about the same as before. This thing rocks with grinds. Before the grinds I couldn’t do with my genesis have now been easier than ever. Athough this yoyo is more fun than my genesis and grinds much better, I have to say it’s not nearly as stable. My genesis can handle 10+ skin the gerbils, but I have to be super careful with my 888x. It’s about as stable as my superstars, but maybe a little less. It definitely does spin out after a few tricks. Although it isn’t super stable, when I leave it to spin without doing any tricks, I can get it to sleep for a good 6-8 minutes. This is as long or maybe longer than my genesis. Once I swapped out the standard bearing for a central on my 888x, the stability definitely improved. It also improved the spin time aswell. I’m big into 5a, so I put one of my beautiful wasp nest counterweights on it. Big mistake. This may just be the absolute worst 5a yoyo I’ve ever used. The genesis is much better for 5a than the 888x, but it’s not fair to compare them. They are almost opposites in terms of statistics, and play completely differently. The 888x simply spins out too much in 5a

Hubstacks: I’m a big fan of hubstacks. Also, the 888x handles any kind of hubstacks flawlessly. I have the 888x in black, and it comes with white hubstacks. This looks stunning, but I wanted to try out my dice stacks. I have red, blue, and orange dice stacks. They all look completely stunning on the 888x. They also play wonderful aswell. But I wasn’t done yet. I also have 2 sets of zstacks. White, and translucent blue. I currently still use the blue, because they are epic on this yoyo. I truly believe that this yoyo was made for zstacks. The stacks fit right on the side of the yoyo with not a millimeter to spare. They have no wobble whatsoever, and I was surprised to see that they were actually silent. They do pop out the side of the yoyo a little, and I can definitely feel then when I throw. This is opposite of my superstars, how they leave the stacks recessed. The 888x plays dead smooth with zstacks.

Conclusion: the 888x was a huge shock on how small it actually was, but it was awesome. This is now my #2 favorite 1a yoyo. The only one flaw is that it isn’t as stable as my genesis. Actually, there is one more flaw. I can’t decide which hubstacks to use on it! Totally worth the money.

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Great review, but you may want to add pics. I didn’t much like the 888x, with the highwall, small stack vibe, and how heavy it was. IMO, their was more string drag than I thought. I beg to differ when you say that this is as stable as a superstar. The superstar is extremely stable. The 888 is not. But it does have great grinds going for it. Great review though! :slight_smile:

Yeah i meant to say it was a little less. The superstar is stable, but its just not even close to as stable as say the genesis or super g. I still dont see why the superstar is $119.99, while the genesis and 888x r like $30-$40 less. It just dosent make sense to me. Anywho, thanks for the feedback! I wasnt able to post pictures cuz i wrote the review from my ipod touch while in my bed :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great review, I too would suggest pics, especially if it looks as great with the z stacks as you say. Also, adding the specs doesn’t hurt if you want to compare its stability and general play to other throws. I’ve been deciding on my next yoyo and strongly considering the 888x. I’m used to the Protostar right now, and this made my choice even harder. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad haha.

Hehe. Funny. I was writing that comment from an iPad in bed. (this one too) I usually use my touch, but it gets annoying.

Yeah, I usually type on my iPad cuz I have a broken left thumb, and it’s hard to type on my touch. I also yoyo with my left hand. I can still yoyo but it’s weird. In terms of buying a new yoyo, I say my dm2 outplays both my protostars, but if ur looking for a high end metal, don’t go for the superstar. You would be much better going for a genesis or an 888x. The 888x grinds much better and plays better with z stacks as I already stated, but they are very different yoyos. The 888x is slot more fun to play with, but I think the genesis would be a better buy. It is cheaper too, and after playing with a genesis, an 888x feels extremely unstable. I say, go for the genesis. It also has almost the same shape as your protostar, so it won’t feel very different. Keep it spinning!

See, I’d like to try hubstacks but I’m not sure i need them if it’s really going to sacrifice play that much. I liked the rounded shape of the 888x but I guess you get more stability with a shape like the protostar’s huh? I would like to try a higher end throw with a more rounded shape than the Protos. I thought about the PGM but it’s plastic and I would be downgrading from my protostar just for hubstacks.

PS: I’m using an iPod touch as well and it can be annoying:(

The 888x is the best hubstacks yoyo. I have a pgm and it’s a step down from ur protostar. You are right about the shape of he protostar, but the 888x is definitely more stable then the protostar. If ur deciding between the 888x and the genesis, I would say stacked genesis.

You can get a DV888, a long Yyf axle, 2 yoyoexpert A size bearings, and rice stacks/Z stacks. This is cheaper than buying a YYF hubstack kit, plus you can also get rice/ z stacks. Also, you don’t need ultra nice bearings for stacks, which is why I recommended the yye ones. :slight_smile:

I already have a yyf hubstack kit w/ bearings, and by long axle do you mean the one that fits the protostar? I already have an extra axle from my protostar. What else would I need, hexnuts? and is there a lot of vibe with adding stacks to the dv888? I’ve already had a bad experience with stacking my metal drifter lol, but I’m assuming this would be easier.

Yes the axle from the protostar is the right size.