888x or yyf 44

I’m deciding on my next yoyo. I like the comfortable shapes of the 888x and the 44. they are similar in shape and in size. One of the major differences is the hubstacks on the 888x. I’ve never actually owned a stacked yoyo so I’m torn between the two. I’ve heard that the 888x is one of the most stable and smooth stacked yoyos as I know that hubstacks can add vibe and lack of overall stability, but I think the 44 is beautiful as well. some people say that the affinity of the stacks wears off and I’m trying to decide if the 44 would be a better choice for non-stacked tricks. Right now, I’m leaning more towards the 44 but let me know your opinions on the two. Anybody own both? Preferences?

Thank you and please no negative comments.

Just a few opinions of mine. I really didn’t get the same wow that the hype has given an 888x i have throw many different eras of the 888 and none of them “WOW’ed” me that much don’t get me wrong they are a good yoyo it just didn’t live up to the hype for me. As for the stacks it gets very old very quick. Yes your first few pull-starts are really fun and you can do cool tricks and different binds but they do loose there luster after a while. I have only played one 44 and it was a 44special (the stacked one) but i played it without stacks. I liked it has a good organic shape and i feel the 44 feels “better” more substantial in the hand.

Really hope this helps.

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That’s why I feel that the 44 wouldn’t be a gimmick. I feel that it would satisfy me for comfort, stability, and speed. The only reason I’ve compared the two is because they’re the two that I’ve looked at the most. I think I might ultimately get the 44 because it has no hubstack “gimmick” and besides, the 888x is no longer available in my choice colorway so I might as well get the 44 in my favorite color while supplies last. Also, I know that the 888x and most yyf’s in general are the cat’s meow and I like having something that most people aren’t hyping over. I don’t hear a lot about the 44 and I feel that it might be perfect for me. I just wanted to get other’s opinions on the two.

Aww, how cute. I made this exact same post almost one year ago today.

I was deciding between the 44 special and 888x. It is true what everyone says about hubstacks, but you do have to try them once just to get them out of your system.

I ended up going with the 44 special. Loved that thing, looking back though someone suggested I get a NQP one drop 54, which in hind sight I would have liked better. So if you want a recommendation I’d go for either the One Drop Code 1 or One Drop Deitz, very good throws.

But if you have to choose between those two get that 44 from a BST and never looks back.

Haha, I actually just ordered the yye Dietz!  I should have it by monday or tuesday and I’m getting very impatient lol. I’ve been eyeing OD for a little while now, and something just clicked in my head to get it.

Well then, we are cut from the same cloth. I got myself a Deitz not more than a month ago. That is saying something, because it is currently my only throw that retails over $45. I’ve decided that I only need one expensive yoyo and the deitz is it. Aoda and duncan can supply all my other wants.

I’m just curious then, why is it not listed as atleast one of your favorite throws? I’ve heard absolutely no negative remarks about it. I’m hoping it lives up to the hype :slight_smile:

Lol, don’t update my profile that much. But for you, consider it changed.

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I’m really getting tired of every where I look people are getting the OD Code 1 or Dietz and I’m stuck with my 888x. I haven’t played the 44 yet, but I will say this. I have the 888x purple, with hubstacks, a dif-E-somethingorother Konkave Ceramic bearing, and TD Gstring and holy buckets…that things is so incredibly smooth and just amazing. I love it. Now, I have never thrown a Dietz or a Code 1 and I’m hoping to get the Code 1 for my birthday on wednesday (If not it will be ordered) and if I do get it for my birthday I’ll be ordering the Dietz with some of the tip money I got from the past few nights of DJ’ing that wasn’t expected. So, one way or another I’ll be joining the club. But as for the question, my 888x with the string and bearing upgrade is by far my best throw right now.

I recommend the 44, I think it has a more solid feel.
I have an 888 (aqua 2007 model i think) that i never use.

if you want stacks i recommend the PGM