888x VS. The Grind Machine

Hi, I have been using ONE by yyf and I decided it’s time to move on to a big boy yo-yo.
The prices don’t really matter to me, but I want a nice solid heavy yo-yo with hub caps. I’m leaning towards the 888 but I’m not sure. If I can have any opinions on these two yo-yos, that would be great! Thanks guys!

out of jut those two i would go for the 888 but i would rather have a code 2 for the same price as the 888. If you want to save money go for the C3yoyodesign Di base it performs with the hundred dollar throws but is only $55. That’s just my opinion

The hubstacks are more of a novelty than actually useful. they do open up some options for tricks, but they’re not as amazing as they would appear to be. I like them, but i don’t think they should influence a purchase decision. i agree with DrAwesome’s suggestion to get a Code 2. it’s an amazing throw, and it’s the same price as an 888x.

I have an 888x, they are very nice. I haven’t tinkered much with the Hub stacks, and I would agree with Kailee that they are simply a novelty. If you’re looking for a YYF product, you could check out the Dv888 ($45-$55) which is the exact same yoyo as the 888x without the hub stacks. If you’d like to simply try hub stacks out, I’d go with the Grind Machine.

Lol, The Dv888 is not the same as the 888x. Completely different yoyos.
The dv888 is based off of the Buzzon Dv8, which was never officially released. XD

Have you considered the G5? The Z-stacks on that really help to catch and actually do tricks with them

Don’t get the 888x just because of the hubstacks, theyget old after 10 minutes, and to me are an extreme annoyance during play thus why I have all of mine removed. Not saying the 888x is a bad yoyo, it’s actually one of my favorites. It’s fast, quick and nimble and smooth as butter but yet solid. It’s a nice undersized throw. If money doesn’t matter I would get that over the Grind Machine. And I would NOT get a G5. It’s just awkward.

I would also have to stand by the reccomendation of the Code 2. For the same price, you can, IMO, get a much better yoyo, but mind you it is a full sized yoyo compared to the 888x.

In a cheaper range you could also look into getting a Protostar or Dv888 or Di Base.

Have you looked at the DNA or Mutant DNA?

It’s official. With all the recommendations and a bit of research myself I am deciding to order the One Drop Code 2.

Good choice. Trust me, it’s going to blow you away.

the Dv888 and the 888 are COMPLETELY different, in size, shape, weight, weight distribution, pretty much everything. just because they have similar names, doesn’t make them the same yoyo. Please be informed when giving advice.

great choice, one of my Favorite throws, like it more than some of my CLYW.

The G5 does have the best stacks of any Yo-yo Factory product.

I personally don’t think hubstacks are that great or useful, but they make lots of noise, which bothers some people. I would suggest the Code2, or any One Drop for that matter. But if money is no object, the TenYoYo Drop Bear was my favorite from the first throw.