GrindMachine + DV888 or 888X?

PGM + DV888 or 888X?

This question is very hard to answer to me. A Grind Machine would be a cheap yoyo to test hubstacks and would also be great for string tricks or 5A. Dv888 is a fund-a-metal yoyo tht is VERY good for it’s price. It can compare up to other high end metal.
On the other hand though, an 888x is a high end yoyo which isn’t TOO far from the Dv888. Though it has hubstacks, which can take the spot for the Grind Machine, the play is also very good or great.
For me, I’d go with 888x because it can top off most people at “better” yoyo’s (not that there is one). But the fact that you’re holding a YoYoFactory Premium Collection yoyo to throw, it’s cool.
But which one would be just your preference.

if u get the 888x you will get the best of both… and also u can always take the hubstacks off and put nubs on…

888x all the way if I didn’t mention.

if u were to recomemend i would say get a 44 special while there still in stock i like how they look

Hmmmm…Antwan, 888x is $100 but there is another thread showing the best yoyo you can get within $100. Here’s the link so check it out!:

Something else to think about is that the grind machine has a narrower gap and is lighter in weight compared to the 888X and similar to what others have said, the 888x is kind of like having both however in my opinion the 888x is way better than the grind machine or dv888.

Right… ok. 888x it is. Ordering now. :slight_smile:

Grind Machine is pretty awesome… So is the 888…

Yes, but it seems to be like the 888x will serve for both GM and Dv888 place. Just sayin…

Is there another better yoyo in the range of $100? ???

Antwan, there is a whole thread on the best $100 yoyo. Check it out:,27026.0.html

He he

Gnarwhal Super Nova Lite And A Lot Others Man  :wink:
I Would REALLY Recommend C3 Dark Star And If U Want A Stacked Yoyo Get A Stacked Genesis

Dark Star In Action  :wink: