Dark Magic II - Grind Machine - Dv888....

Which one should i get anddd whyyyy

either you like. because you like it.

They are all so different.

You got a metal that is relatively inexpensive and well liked: the dv888

You’ve got a bi-metal that while pushed a bit here, is also well received: the DMII

Then you’ve got a plastic hub-stacked item: The Grind Machine.

OK, here’s my two-bits worth:

I’m new and my first “real” throw is the Dark Magic II, and of the yoyos I have, it is my favorite. but, at nearly 4 months into this whole thing that is yoyo, how valid can my opinion be? Comes with responsive and unresponsive bearings and can take you from beginner to expert if you want to.

I am ordering a Grind Machine on an order here soon. Why? Low price, hub stacks. It’s part of a larger program I am working on as well as having options. Some people love hub stacks, some people hate them, some people say the novelty wears off fast. I just want to be able to perform a few tricks that involve using the hub stacks as well as being able to show variety of yoyo design and functions. Some people complain that hub stacks create vibe or wobble. Does it? I don’t know. I’ll let you know after I get one, if I remember to follow up here. Although, I doubt I’ll remember to follow-up.
Also, the Grind Machine is an all-plastic, which shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a negative. You do need to know how to bind to use this yoyo.

The dv888 seems to be very popular and well received. I’m not so sure I’m going to order one. I don’t want to say anything negative about it, because I haven’t anything negative to say. I’m soon going to own some more expensive metals. I won’t rule anything out ever, but I’m just not interested in the dv888 right now. I might change my mind later, which is likely. You need to know how to bind to use this yoyo.

Which one should you get? No clue. What are you throwing now? What do you want, feature wise?

I recommend the DMII. The dv888 is only a few dollars more but I also feel safe recommending it. The Grind Machine is the least expensive, but may not be ideal. It depends what you’re into.

They’re very different bro’. DM2 is a bi-metal with a lot of momentum to get through tricks easily. It’s metal rings are smooth for palm grinds though the tacky finish on the polycarbonate body may not be so ideal.

PGM is a bit big, and not really a best throw choice, it’s a bit too big. It has a hubstacks though, if you are wealthy enough, you can get one just for hubstacks, it’s more cheaper at 30 bucks. But if you’re aiming for play, well then it just isn’t one of the best.

Dv888 is a smooth metal, more of a high end playing but cheap in price metal. Don’t forget the Raptor. Smooth on any grind, as it’s anodized.
Plays very well. Same as Raptor.

It really depends, just for stacks for little cheap fun: PGM
Play, I would say Dv888 because I feel it’s more stable and fun for any grind except for IRG’s.
Just choose one you like.

Pgm is big…?
It’s the same size diameter as most oversized yoyos. And I’ve never used something too big to play anyway. The dreadnought I finally got to use yesterday, and I own a jirorian. Both of which are gigantic, but quite good and fun.

I’d go with a raptor or a dv888

It’s bulky not by diameter. By the place you put your middle three fingers. It bulks up in the middle. Unlike the Protostar which has a quite slim body, same with Dv888. You can’t wrap your fingers around it. Not the most comfotable IMO.

I have tried all three of these yoyo’s and I would reccomend the DMII. Even Though they are all really great I think that the DMII is the best because It comes with a responsive and unresponsive bearing so You don’t have to learn How to bind if you don’t already know how to. I personally really like the shape of the DMII because it feels really nice in your hand.

The DV888 is quite a bit to undersized for me. I think You should just barely be able to touch your fingers together. It’s all personal preference. Also, The K-Pads wear out a little too fast for me. Right now I don’t have any response system in it, So it is plays really badly. I’m not saying the Dv888 isn’t a nice throw but I just don’t like a few things about it.

The PGM Is a really good choice And I can’t find anything bad to say about it really except for, Like Sudio42 said It is a fully unresponsive yoyo. I don’t know if you know how to bind but i would learn how to first if you were to buy this yoyo. One fun thing about this yoyo is that it has hubstacks. I’m one of the people that really like hubstacks But some people hate them. It does add a little bit of vibe to it but it’s still a good throw. Can’t go wrong with any of them. Whew!
Hope This Helped,
YYF lover

This is probably too late a reply to be of any help but here goes …

My son & I have all three. The 888 is the best choice. Its at a higher level than the DMII & Grind Machine and it comes with both a responsive and unresponsive bearing if you’re not up to binds yet.

My son & I really enjoyed the DMII, Grind Machine, and I’ll add one more, the Protostar at first; The DMII’s responsiveness of the narrow bearing it comes installed with, stability, and long spin is a great basis for learning tricks. The wide bearing it comes with is great when you’re ready for binding. However, its really not good for anykind of grinding, and doesn’t have the solid feal of the 888.

The grind machine is nice at first mostly because of its hub stacks & grindability. Its light weight feel, instability, and not too much of a long spin limits its fun factor. It remains a novelty.

The Protostar, like the Grind Machine only comes with a wide bearing. However, its stability, long spin, wide catch zone make it a great player; not left as a novelty but constantly used. Not really good for any kind of grinding though.

While the 888 surpasses the others, it is a higher skill requiring yo. While it does come with a narrow bearing, I wouldn’t say its for a biginner. Once you’re up to it, you’ll quickly swap to the wide bearing and enjoy its solid feel, fast play, and grindability. It does require more precission in catches since it is not as wide as the others. And, by the way, it looks great with dice stacks. It even work well with Z stacks.

When you’re ready, check out the Genesis. The rock solid stability, long spin, wide catch zone, grindability, full size feel, and great looks will blow you away.

He said Dv888… Semi necro! :slight_smile:

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