Alrighty so basically I am going to get another 1a besides my legacy and i have narrowed it down to two yo-yos. Those are the YYF Plastic Grind Machine and the YYF DV888 i know its a big contrast but just hang with me. I want the PGM because of the grinds and the response and have never experimented with hubstacks but i have heard they get boring. Im not in it just for hubstacks but like i said they tricks you can accomplish. As far as the DV888 i want good spin times and it would be my first metal. Well im going to list some preferences and based on those tell me which yoyo is right for me…

Company: Doesn’t Matter

Response: Anything except Hybrid or Friction Stickers

Material: Still experimenting

Shape: Butterfly, H-Shape

Weight: A little heavy but not like a rock or anything

Tricks: Grinds, Whips, Lacerations and string tricks

Color: Whatever looks good

Feel free to suggest other Yo-yos too but give your opinion about the PGM and DV888. Thanks! :slight_smile:

kay, well the preferances didn’t help… usually when you post preferances you post stuff like you did, but also put size, and how much you care about smootheness and that. K well now that that’s done. I’m going to say the dv888. I’m thinking if you havn’t baught a metal yet, your at that stage were your exloring a bunch of new tricks like the stuff in the master or expert section and maybe even making your own tricks. The dv888 going to let you explore these better, and i have a feeling that if you get the pgm, your going to feel like your being held back. You can do lot of master level tricks on the pgm (it’s a great yoyo don’t get me wrong) but it will be easier on the dv888. The pgm’s more of a fun yo than it is a main one.

ok and what about the G5 i was just reading about it?

Out of my YoYos(Not Counting My 64’s) I play my PGM more than my Dv888, If I were you I would get a PGM and a Protostar, thats me tho. The Beysick is a good yoyo for 60 or try a Bassline from 3yo3 they are beastly. Just get what looks cool since you don’t really have preferences yet.

Heh, thats a good way to compramise. Just keep in mind that theres a lot of people who were disapointed with the g5. Make sure you like the looks of it, and the specs. I watch a vid of it or something.

Out of your preferances I would get the dv888. The pgm is quite light. It does not have the stability of the Dv888 and the Dv888 grinds much better. The g5 is a different story. It is the same diameter as your legacy but it is narrow. it feels good in the hand but some may not like it.

IMHO The Dv888 is the best first full metal out there, IMHO the Dv888 would be a much better choice.
May i suggest to get a 44 instead, IMHO it beats the heck out the Dv888 in every way possible.