pgm vs. dv888

i know the price diffrence but please ignore that witch one do you like better[fun wise]?
thanks for the help guys.

Wait a sec. There are things to consider. Your “fun” wise thing would obviously bring you to PGM2 because of the hubstacks. But, hubstacks are fun and annoying. You will always at sometime get fed up of the hubstacks for sure. For Sure. FOR SURE, yeah, you’ll get fed up of hubstacks. Don’t just think, ripstarting hubstacks and doing a gyro stall would be cool cause when you get your PGM2:
1st day: 300 Ripstarts and Gyro Stalls
2nd day: Still fun, learning hubstack tricks, 300 Ripstarts and Gyro Stalls
3rd day: O.K. enough ripping and stalling, get down to string tricks, 50 Ripstarts and Gyro Stalls
4th day: Hmm, vibe in the stacks cause the yoyo wobble and vibe, affecting some tricks, 10 Rippings…
5th day: BACK TO STACKS, 150 ripstarts and gyrostalls
6th day: O.K. Now lets grind, arm grind, good, finger, good, thumb, dang, stacks in the way…
7th day: Now what? Hmmm…Stacks cause vibe, lets take them off! Wait, then I need nubs…PAY MONEY
8th day: What a waste of stacks…Like now really, I am kinda regreting…
Get it? Not that always happens to everyone but fun wise, stacks are cool. I would not choose a yoyo fun wise. But if you can just go and waste some money, PGM2 would be cool. Dv888 are also very fun for grinds.

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well the pgm has stacks it is good when you want to do stack trick, but if you don’t want it buy the DV888. but DV888 is undersized so if you don’t like undersize buy PGM

I have yet to come by someone who says he loves the PGM, I hated it from the 1st throw, it doesn’t feel right

the DV888 is a beast, don’t get fooled by the low pricetag, just get one

the only downside to it would be if later, you spend 100$ on another yoyo and find out the dv888 plays better.

i think the grind machine is a great yoyo and i love mine… to be honest i hardly ever use the hub stacks but is nice to have them… another thing is i dont experience vibe from my gm unless i hit it on something… so there you go hadoq

i cant tell you if its better or not than the dv888 because i have never played one, but i do know that i am not disappointed with my pgm

Wait, theres another yoyo that has yet to be more prefferable than the Dv888 but also on the same price tag. The Raptor with a clean bearing (non-lubed). It has been said to be more smoother than Dv888 and also same as smooth on grinds. I ordered one and I think I write a review on it soon.

Dv888. Especially if you are thinking PGM for the stacks. Stacks are fun, but I don’t like them on the PGM. Maybe it’s just mine, but they feel like they’re crooked.

Yes, I agree on that. I just don’t feel like ripping or holding the stacks. I never tried a 888x though.

dv888 for sure. you wont use stacks for very long before you wish you would have spent money on something else.

I played both, they don’t even really compare to each other

since I got my DV888 I barely play my messiah anymore, that’s how good I think it is. I sincerely think it plays better than most of my throws and I have rather nice throws to compare it with.

The spin time is incredible, the size and feel are spot on, the response is pretty much perfect

I didn’t try a raptor but I keep hearing much good about it, but the DV888 I’m not sure you can find better for this price tag, and as said, the PGM doesn’t really compare to the DV888, it’s more the idea of you can have of a poorly crafted hype object that you buy and ends up collecting dust after a few days, or maybe fall apart for no reason. I really don’t like the PGM

to be fair, it plays alright, not awesome, barely well, but good enough. But to me if a yoyo doesn’t have character, it better has performance (i.e. the dv888), but in the PGM’s case there’s absolutely zero character and the performance is acceptable. the stacks are more a gimmick so it sells more easily to kids but I’m pretty sure they hurt it’s overall performance.

get a dv888 and never look back, one day in the future, you’ll eventually get to try a PGM, then you’ll think about this thread and laugh for even considering it in the first place.

But about the dv888 most people who bought “serious” and expensive throws would not admit it, because it would mean that they, we, actually because I’m a part of “them” have spent hundreds of $$$ on throws that are actually outplayed by a 40$$ made in china and branded yoyo factory throw. to me, I don’t care, really, but I hate to think that maybe half of the throws I’ll buy in the near future won’t play as well as the DV

get one, get a good KK bearing and you’ll be all set

dv888 for sure! or u can try the recreational ones for 55$

Just ask Preinfalk or Acavando. They give you useful information.