Plastic Grind Machine

I am in advanced part two up to white budha in the master catogorie.
Would a PGM be a good yoyo?

keep spinning


what yoyo are you using now?

He is using 888. I say it would, I am done with all the tricks here and I use it a lot.

I would reccomend it.

well, isnt the 888 a lot better than the pgm? unless he is looking for somthing bigger…

No, Some people may like it better, or even if he doesn’t like it as much as 888 then he might use it as a secondary yoyo not his main player, but “No Yo-Yo is better than the Other”

I agree. The PGM is a great yoyo. I love it just as much as my 888 :slight_smile:

Yes, PGM IS DA BEST YOYOZ EVAAA!!! No seriously, its more smooth and gives tighter binds than the meteor or dark magic.

I can do ladder escape easily with pgm, and do 10 gyro flops with it. You’re safe and sound with it.

yuppppp i regret buying the hitman…pgm all the way…but i think 888 is better still