Not sure which to buy

Hi I am not sure which yoyo 2 buy, the yyf pocket change, yyf pgm, yyf g5, yyf 888x, yyj dark magic 2, yyj hit man pro or yyj lyn fury.

personally from that list i reccomend the dm2, however, if you are willing to spend a bit more, get an OD 54

Woah, the yoyo’s you’ve listed range from the begginer Lyn Fury to the one of the most advanced 888x. But actually, instead of 888x, I’d get a OD 54. They’re the same price.

54 is the most versitile yoyo i feel. it can go from like 60 grams up to 70 grams i think. and it can use lego pieces and hubstacks

Ok thanks but would you buy a grind machine?

the 54 can use hubstacks??? ???

anyways do u want a hubstacked yoyo or a regular yoyo and what shapes u looking for

the 54 uses RSMs (rotating side members) basically they are hubstacks for OD

I would like butterfly shaped yoyo and not obligatory but hubstacks also if possible.

hmm well i think the 44 special is way better than the 888x the colors are awesome and it has a deep anodize so the paint wont chip offf on thumb grinds like ive heard on the 888x… it also has a normal butterfly rounded shape… and hubstacks

54 also is butterfly rounded shape with a flat rim like dv888 and it is a amazing yoyo and its got side effects… awesome ano i would assume… 10 ball bearing- this yoyo is extremely smooth

so either one is a amazing player just choose what u like best

Sorry I forgot unresponsive play is nessecary.

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well gevery yoyo like 25 bucks and up will be unresponsive and the 54 and 44 special and 888x and g5 and r all unresponsive

54 onedrop is what i like. I’ve had a 44 special, DM, and starlite. I liked the 44 special until i got the 54 which i like he best

Just get an OD 54, you’ll be impressed. I really don’t like the PGM though…

What’s your preference? Metal? Plastic? bi-metal? cheap? You know…


  1. OD 54
  2. YYF 888X
  3. YYF Plastic Grind Machine.

Make another thread showing your preference though.

The material doesn’t matter to me that much. As long as it isn’t cheap.

I already got a pgm but my next would be a 54. As long as I will eventually need 2 get it.

Cheap? You mean by price? You can have a cheap metal like a Dv888 or Raptor and they can play like a $100 yoyo’s.

No cheap in quality

i hated my pgm worst buy ten dollers less is a starlight and plays like a beast

You hate, doesn’t mean we hate. I love my PGM. It’s decent.