general yoyo talk

I really wanna get a new yoyo and i just dont know what to buy. ive read a bunch of reviews but they all say there really good? so i need some help ???

get an 888x

thats pretty much what i was gonna do

Genesis all the way. Great, stable and lots of people prefer it over others.
888x is also great though.

instead of an 888x you should get a 54 same price just better

Then what could we possibly add to this?

In reality they are all good and it comes down to individual preference. None are “better”.

OD 54. Unless you really want hubstacks 888x is fine. The 54 also has some side effects and/or “stacks”.

Why don’t people give preference to what they want…? Anyway,OD 54 all the way but 888 if you want a stacked. Gotta agree with Skeleton.

OD 54 CAN be stacked. look up rotating side members

Well since you said that, no matter stacked or not needed to be stacked, OD 54 is the choice.

yup. with lego attachments, its like 60 grams, with brass spikes its about 70 grams. it is the most versitile yoyo. GET A FLIPPPING 54 ALREADY!!!

Beginners often do not have preferences. I don’t mean to call anyone a beginner. I have been yoyoing quite some time now, and I still don’t have very well defined preferences.

There is one yoyo that has no preference, OD 54. You’ll love it. Just that it’s 54mm.