RE: 888X?


Thanks everyone for Christmas ive decided to get: Red Dv888, Black and Green Gring machine, and if i have enough, an 888X, also a five pack of neon green polyester string
thx ;D


Could you learn how to disable the caps lock?

Also, if you’re new, I don’t think an 888x is a smart way to go. Think more mid-range. But if you want the 888x, far be it from me to say no if you can afford it.

I think I should tell my friends and enemies and family to just send me YYE gift certificates. I’m gonna take your idea. Thanks!


if you’re a beginner, id say go with a yoyojam dark magic, yyf die-nasty(for some reason, t has great spin and feels almost as good a a metal, very smooth and stable), or a one drop cafe racer if u want a good affordable metal.


i dont think an 888x is good for a beginer why dont you look in the beginer also these are some good beginer yoyos ,dark magic 2 ,yoyo factory one, velocity, duncan freehand 2 or zero or if you know how to bind get somthing interediate like a dv888 or oscilatrix i have a dark magic 2 its a great beginer yoyo it will get you through a lot i still use it the one is good and if you want to make it better get some washers and put them in where the caps go for better rim wheight duncan freehands are also g just take one sticker out when your ready for unresponsive play and put a worn out one in instead if you do get one of those get a lot of replacment pads or a roll of duct tape cause they get wornout fast the dv88 and oscilatrix are great and a dv888 is much better than dark magic 2 if you know how to bind also the oscilatrix is also great and grinds realy well


Get a yyf protostar, northstar, or counter attack. As studio42 mentioned, the 888x isnt a great beginner yoyo, mostly because its metal. Metal yoyos tend to be easier to ding up, and they tend to get very broken very fast. I have a friend for example who boughht some duncan metal yoyo ( i forget which), and before i even got to see it and tell him not to ding it, it already had an insane amount of dents and very deep scratches. Plastic yoyos on the other hand are cheaper, more durable, generally more responsive, and since they are cheap, with all the gift certificates you are getting, you can buy a large variety of yoyos and string. Also, dont forget to get a large quantity of strings! I would reccomend getting atleast a pack of 100. Go for the cheapest string out there, and get the yye 100% polyester string in your favorite color. Have fun, and make sure you change your sting before it snaps!


U forgot a .


888x is not that great in my opinion.

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Actually, with the whole “Premium Package” thing, the 888x does come stock with a responsive bearing in it for beginners (YYF TOTALLY stole that idea from YYJ), and also comes with an instructional DVD going from beginner to expert. So essentially, it could actually work for a beginner… JS

… But in all honesty, I wouldn’t recommend getting an 888 at your level. You should start cheap, then work your way up. Because you don’t want to spend $100 on a yo-yo, then find out you don’t like yoyoing that much… Hope this helped! ;D


i recommend if you really want a metal and not a plastic then get a one of the shinwoo zens they got every shape to choose from and only 45 bucks


thanks it realy helped, ive decided to get a five pack of polyester string, a dv888, a grind machine and if i have enough money then an 888x


thanks it realy helped, ive decided to get a five pack of polyester string, a dv888, a grind machine and if i have enough money then an 888x
you should try different brand though. there are alot of other better brands than yoyofactory. u should get a lil more variety, and try out diff brands and shapes, and response systems that diff companies use. and in my opinion, the best poly string color to go with is neon yellow. its the smoothest feel on your hands and holds tension well