Thoughts on the 888x

What do you guys think of the 888x I am thinking of getting one

You’re not alone

Y not get The Yuuksta ?

I love the 888x. If you’re used to playing something like the Genesis (according to your fav. yoyo on your profile), it may take some getting used to as an 888 is far more prone to tilting than a super rim weighted throw.

But the shape is nice and comfortable, the beadblast finish is great on grinds and it plays quick and nimble. Look up Dr. YoYo’s review on for a more in depth look. It sums it up pretty well.

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I have a yuuksta

I really think the Yuuksta is alot better…

I’d reccomend this over a yuuksta any day.

This isn’t a thread about a Yuuksta, it is about an 888x, right? The two aren’t even in the same price range, the shapes couldn’t be more different, the only thing they really have in common is that they are both undersized metals from YYF. I had an 888x, I didn’t like it, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good yo-yo, it just means that it didn’t fit my preferences. I agree with whoever said that the Yuuksta would prolly fit you better since your favorite yo-yo is listed as the Genesis, however since you already have a Yuuksta and this IS a thread about an 888x I would say not to get it based on MY preferences, if you like undersized rounded shaped yo-yos then get it.

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I got my 888x a while ago (back when they had yellow hubstacks instead of white) and I really love mine. I took out the bearing it came with and put in a KK bearing. I have a Peak and a BOSS and a Protostar and personally, I think my 888x leaves all of them in the dust. I really like the feel of it and it’s just an awesome yoyo overall. I think you should get one.

Unstable… but it’s smooth though.

I love my 888x, It does tilt but tahts all in the throw realy, I dropped a KK in it to help make up for that though, I get my best IRGs with it cause my thumb just fits easily between the lip and the hubstack, If you want it than I can bet that this isnt the first you’ve thought about it, If you think about it before you sleep at night then go for it, you won’t be disapointed.

gah i dont really like the 888x… the g5 is better imo. but if you want fast play without grinds you should get an 888.

All your posts lately seem like they only intend to bash the 888x. I don’t know if it’s just me or what but whatever.

The 888x is an awesome throw, it plays really nice, it’s really smooth and stable, it arm grinds like a dream and then has a ton more spin time. It’s just all around a great yoyo. I have to admit though, it does not have the best thumb grinds. I like playing mine with stacks off. Definitely worth the 100 you pay for it IMO.

Fast play without grinds? The 888x has an awesome beadblast finish on it and grinds great. I don’t really think that the G5 can be directly compared (better/worse) to the G5 because they’re so different. They’re both equally awesome (yes, I own both), they just offer something different depending on your preferences and/or what you’re feeling like playing at the time.

I decided to get a genesis w/ hubs

Thanks soooooo much everyone for your help