can you guys rate the 888x

please help, thanks.

It’s good. There’s no rating possible for it, nor any other yoyo. What makes certain yoyos great is that they fit your preferences and you like them.

The 888x is smooth and a great player but so are the majority of the modern yoyos on the market today

It is THE worst of any 888 so far, but I give it a 3 just because all 888s are still pretty good.

Mmm. I’m almost with you there, Jump. I’d have to say the '09s are slightly worse. I mean, they both have the exact same shape (highwall, which I personally don’t care for) and stability (or lack thereof), but the grinding finish is undoubtedly better on the 888x, and the added weight makes it feel far less hollow than the '09s. Again, it’s all preference.

That being said, the name 888 alone has the bar set high on expectations by default. I’d by no means say it’s a bad yo-yo. In fact, if you’ve never played any other 888s, I’d suggest you pick this one up. Just don’t use your experience with this one to generalize about all models of the 888 because they’re all fundamentally different.

its k…nothing special to me.