i was wanting a yoyo with hubstacks any recomendations. ;D


I’d suggest the one in the title of this thread. :slight_smile:


besides the 888 the skyline is my all time fav yoyo

(WildCat23) #4

I would suggest anything but the 888x. The 888x is basically the most overrated bad yoyo out. Geat a stacked version of one of yoyofactory’s other yoyos. The 888x lacks in stability, spin time, trick time, and isn’t good at suicides because of the high wall.

(SR) #5

Haha I have two, and they play great!

I guess it’s what you like, that thing has the most varying opinions out of any yoyo out there haha.


i agree that the 888x is the worst 888 out there.


Hey, I liked the 888x. The 888.11 is better though…

(UmeNagisa) #8

Could you compare them?


Idk, but the 888.11 just seemed to spin a little longer, more stable, and smoother than my 888x.


madhouse epic not exactly stacks but they are the same concept it is great and a really good pocket throw

(SR) #11

But seriously… I don’t understand why no one likes the 888x. The thing is amazing!


I loved it, just liked the 11 better. :slight_smile: