YYF 888x any good?


Is the YYF 888x any good? ???


All yoyos are good.

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ON TOPIC: i like it. what are your preferences?

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The 888x is a great throw and if it fits your preferences go for it


well, based on your intro post, i don’t think you will need a $100 yoyo yet, but if you must, its all preference, i ironically am not so fond of them.

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I find it really funny your name is mistaeight8eight and you don’t like the 888 that much


yeah, I know…


The 888 is one of my favorite yoyos but the 888x not so much :-\


i love the 888x it is my number 1 in my case i like it better then my skyline and my dna and beef

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888x FTW!


I made a review which i will gladly bump for you incase you haven’t read it. (not being conceited but when im buying a yoyo i read every review out there)


To answer your question, the 888x is good.
If you’d like more detail, you probably need to ask more specific questions.
If you don’t know what questions to ask, I’m sure someone more qualified than me can offer suggestions.
Give us some of your preferences, and we can tell you if the 888x is a good match for you.
Is there a specific yoyo that you’d like to compare the 888x to? maybe the 888? g5? superstar? northstar? protostar? skyline? genesis? yuuksta? dv888? protege? etc.
Do many people have a yoyo that they enjoy more than the 888x? probably


or just link it?