My YYF 888x is coming in the mail soon! Did I make A good choice?

I would say so, I really like 09 888, its a blast to throw.

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Should I get an 888x or a G5

Kind of late to be asking that kind of question, isn’t it?

Look, here’s how it goes:

If you like it, you made a great choice.

If you don’t like it, then you have to figure out how bad the decision was based on what it end up being worth when you unload it. Who knows, you could use it to score a great deal on something you end up really liking.

Everyone else’s opinions are just that. Your opinion is the only one that matters.

For example, my opinion is that I have zero interest in getting an 888x. That’s just my personal preferences and opinion. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the yoyo.

Ya i have heard very good reviews about it.

They go for about $30-$40 used on the BST. Worth it IMO, but not $100

I prefer the duncan raptor. Lsss than half the price. 888x just isn’t that great to me.

I have both the original 2007 888, and an 888x. Is the 888x a good yoyo? Absolutely, but not as good as the 07.

Whether it was a good choice or not is just based on how you like it. Some do, some dont.

It’s all preference.

This guy is a different guy than the OP

Umm, obviously.