How is the 888x?


How is the 888x? It looks really neat! I’ve been especially enjoying YYF lately, so I was thinking of getting one of their high end yoyos at some point.


How’s the 888? Overrated


My least favorite yoyo. For me, it’s much too heavy for such a small throw, and it plays like a brick. Some like it, but not me. I like the '07 888 much better.

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888 was better the first time around. But 888x isn’t a bad yoyo.


Havent triedit but I haven heard many good things about it… If you want hubstacks/z stacks that kinda stuff get the madhouse epic :slight_smile:


It was my friend’s first high end metal. I think it played pretty well, and actually like how it perfroms better than the 08 888 I had later.

And I would very much so disagree with saying the 888 is overrated. It’s been used countless times to win different contests, and is pretty respected as a result. The 888x, and models that came after didn’t get as good of reviews though. You honestly won’t be disappointed if you get one. Like andy mentioned, the madhouse epic probably plays a bit better (entirely opinion based though), but it’s also loud as sin. Like your neighbor 5 houses over will file a noise complaint if you use it.


Similar to the Yomega Dash. But the Yomega Dash is very nice.


Yyf is my favorite its really smooth and fast


Have you tried this yoyo?

It’s kinda heavy.

Not very fast.


Ok, first of all, have you tried an 888x, or any of the 888s for that matter? Second, why do you think it’s overrated? And third, could you come up with a more useless post? The 888x plays great, some people don’t like it because it’s not to their preference, or they simply don’t like YYF, or they’re against products that are made in China. It’s definitely has some heft to it, but with the high weight, the yoyo still feels pretty light on the string. The 888x was meant to take all criticism from the previous runs, and mold it into the perfect 888. I think they achieved their goal. The 07 888 was definitely a great yoyo, but the 888x just completely beats it. I would recommend this yoyo to someone who wants a fun yet still great playing yoyo.

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This response is perfect, yoyospirit.

To yoyo143:
The 888 is UNDERRATED if anything. People are paying way too much money and spending way too much time using all these giant throws. Sure, a few years ago the 888 may have been overrated but at this stage in the game it’s too underrated. Undersized yoyos have seemingly become obsolete, it’s very sad, because they don’t have any reason to. You obviously haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. It’s all these idiots who have no clue how to throw a yoyo the right way to lead them to believe that it’s unstable. No. It’s not. All 888’s are incredible.

Do I like the 888x as much as the previous versions? Nope, but it’s still good.

Do a favor and don’t post useless comments please. Your comment contributed nothing whatsoever.


^ While I disagree that the 888x is better than the 07, I did absolutely love the 888x. I competeed with it for 2 years. And for the person who said it can’t go fast… I assure you the 888x can go fast. It’s a fun yoyo. I liked it. If you’re looking to compete I’d go with something else. But if you’re looking for a fun yoyo, it’s near the top of my list.

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Buy Whatever looks good to you! In this modern yoyo world there are so many high ends and options it will make your head spin! No matter which high end yoyo you choose you can’t really go wrong.

Want to get an 888x? Go for it!

Go for whatever you like best.


Woah woah! Calm down!, i just think it’s overrated, you dont need to call us idiots!!! I didn’t think (yes I obviously tried it) it wasn’t very good, and many people agreed with me, sooo yah…

Just calm down, we all have preferences, your think it’s great, I dont.


You have been in the yoyo scene for a couple of months and all the sudden you are giving everybody your wisdom like its the most powerful thing. Over at the rate this yoyo thread, you said you’ve tried the N12, the Barracuda, the KLR (which you said was “ehh”), Summit, the H5xChief, the Cliff, and the Epic. Yoyoing for 3 months ish, analyzed 3 CLYW’s and a General Yo, along with a bunch of other not hyped/common stuff. The only yoyos you own are an Exodus2, a OneStar, and a Supernova. Something is up with you.


I can’t afford yoyos. But the national yoyo museum is in my city and you get to try out yoyos. And I kinda said I HEARD the raptor is good, and I said I haven’t HEARD much on the barracuda. And I try yoyos from my friends I make at the yoyo place. Sometimes (like on the cliff) ill say stuff in what I hear other people say. Some yoyos, like the summit, I have tried many many times

Sorry if I somehow made somebody mad :confused:

So pretty much every week I get to try as many yoyos as I want, thats why I can comment on so many :slight_smile:

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Extremely well said.


Been on the forum for a couple of months, not the yoyo scene.

im one of like 3 ppl that just didn’t like the 888, and your taking it all out on me?!?!




I love my 888x. But I purchase yo-yos not in hype or popularity, but on what meets my criteria. The 888x hit them all spot on. Undersized, heavy, and scary smooth. Just so happened that is also a popular yo-yo :stuck_out_tongue: I personally like it more than the 08 888 but that is just me. That is the only other 888 I have played. It’s a smooth, fun yo-yo that’s under $100. A good buy imo. Just remember to purchase items that meet your desires and not buy for hype.