What's wrong with the 888x


I have a 888x. It’s my first “high end” yoyo. I was looking at reviews today and some people say it’s bad. Is it just because it’s old that no one wants them on the b/s/t. Wahts up?

(major_seventh) #2

A lot of people don’t like them because of the price, high gap wall, and weight distribution. However, it’s what I started on and that highwall really improves your technique! Enjoy it, and for sure it isn’t a bad yoyo. ;D

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it plays fine. It’s just a smaller yoyo. It’s kind of expensive for the quality. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty good yoyo, but there are a lot of other great yoyo’s for 100$


It can definitely do everything you’ll need it to do for a good while. At least you’re not having to work with a Dollar Store imperial…


Because it’s made in China. People seem to think stuff that’s made in China are lower quality.


I just dislike the ugly engravings.


It’s not a high end yoyo lol, but it’s not stable, has bad spin times, is high walled, small and expensive.


I felt like that about the 888x too until I popped a KK in lol


The yoyos have improved seemingly after the years, so you can say it’s almost obsolete per say. I’ve tried it and it’s alright, but yes there are much better throws.


We’ll I got it on sale for $50 and my grandma payed half


Oh no, its small? Its not like some people like undersized yoyos.


WOW… so much wrong with this, there isn’t much to say about it. SMH


Sounds like a good deal. I’m sure you’ll have a great time with it. Keep in mind that if it’s not the flavor of the day, it will no doubt not get rave reviews, which means absolutely nothing.

I have an early version of the 888 and I don’t see a lot of difference. I like the way it plays.

Also, one should keep in mind that high walling a yoyo was a highly sought after yoyo mod at one point.


Just traded for a 888x lol. Gonna cut some shmoove rings into it and powder coat it.


it just seemed like a backwards yoyo. The 07 888 ran lower walls than it unless you count the highwall editions that came later. The 08 888 was a 7075 888 so that was still an improvement for many. The 09 888 went for higher walls but there was also the classic 888 which was a replica of the 07. The final production is the 888x though which just didn’t seem like an improvement on any of the previous designs and felt unnecessary. There’s also no special edition versions which is probly why it never had any popularity to begin with since that tends to help some of the other upper end yoyofactory models. I think an aluminum ricochet would have made a better 888x than what the model currently is.


The Boss is basically an aluminum Ricochet imo. One of YYF’s best throws that nobody seems to remember.


felt that way even after a kk lol

was talking about the majority, the size contributes to the bad stability and spin times, don’t sass me kid.

well if you’re not gonna back up what’s wrong then your comment is pointless.


What is your definition of a high end yoyo?

I know it is stable.

The spin times are long enough to win.

It is small/undersized but I would not call it expensive.

People forget that the 888 set the bar for performance and is still an exceptional yoyo.


Truth! All of this is true. Thanks.


Not lower quality just cheaper in china. People don’t like it because it takes away jobs from people in the US.