What would the price of a 888 be if it came with a regular 888 and size c bearing. No multitool big box DVD extra bearing ect.

Around $80 probably.

If you are lucky. I thought the box set came with 888X.

888x or 888 but they don’t sell reg. 888

888s are used as sweets on the BST.

They aren’t really a serious yoyo, and not worth their price IMO
They’re a pretty good starting yoyo if you’re just getting into unresponsive play.

I believe I paud $75.00 for a new, plain old silver 888 4-5 years ago.

ur crzy. I love the 888!


I wish yyf would sell them regular (reg box with a c bearing and 1 string)

Don’t get me wrong. They’re an awesome yoyo. But with their $100-$120 price tag, they really can’t compare to things like the DV888 or C3 Capless.

Alrighty here. To say that the 888 isn’t a serious yoyo would be completely false. Do you know how many people competed with an 888 and even won competitions like the World YoYo Contest (Ahem, Yuuki Spencer) just a few years ago? This yoyo was the most popular metal yoyo ever made, being the choice of players everywhere. Now, of course, I’m talking about the 2007-2009 888s. The 888x on the other hand is a different story. I don’t quite know what happened here, and I don’t know why these changes were made to a perfectly good design, but it happened. Coupled with the shift towards full sized yoyos for competition, the 888 (and other undersized yoyos) are less popular now than they were a few years ago. If YYF just went back to the original 2007 design, sold them for 84.99, like alot of their yoyos, I’d think they’d sell a ton of these yoyos. People would buy them up like candy. I also believe that the yoyo community cycles, so I think there will undoubtedly be a shift back to undersized yoyos for competition, adding to difficulty, making it more impressive. As of right now, undersized yoyos are more ‘fun’ yoyos. I would also like to respond to a couple of comments… the (2007) 888 blows the Dv888 and Capless out of the water, but yes, it would need to be cheaper to better justify that. I don’t quite know why these yoyos are used as sweeteners on the BST but they are. I would hold onto them my friends. The 888 is one of the most legendary yoyos ever produced. One day, they’ll be worth quite alot, especially when the “hot” yoyo out there are undersized low wall yoyos.

The 888 is extraordinary, and always will be.


I don’t think you understand what the 888 represents. It was the yoyo when it came out and the only reason they are a dime a dozen now is because of how many people bought them. Sure you see a bunch of them around but do you ever see the rare ones? I have a couple that most people have never heard of: MUD, Higby Highwall, Aussie, Ben’s Japan Nats '07 etc, one of the most collected yoyos. Used in multiple national contests including winning BAC, Nats, and Worlds it makes it one of the most competitive yoyos ever, infact I believe it was the 1st all metal yoyo to win Worlds in any style.

Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHbZ-sWYXCI

One of the hardest freestyles of all time…


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Please guys, look at my last comment.
I said they really can’t compare with things like the capless and DV888, I didn’t really mean they aren’t a serious yoyo.

I’d say the blow dv888s out of the water. 888x sold for $100 before the whole beginner pack thing came out, and were well worth it. I’ve never used a capless, but the 888 is definitely no joke.

If we look past the 888x, which I think we can all agree is an abomination, the original 888’s were years ahead of their time. Absolutely insane yoyos and still solid players today. The 2009 888’s were my favorites but nothing will ever come close to the original 2007 888’s. Its a shame most of the newer players today won’t get to experience them.


Is the 2007 888 that much better than the 2009 version? Just wondering because I had an 09, it was nice enough, but maybe I didn’t experience the real 888…

It’s really good, but the 2007 is ALOT better.

Why is 07 better?

This is my opinion of the yoyo and I truly do not mean to upset anybody. I’m curious if anybody else has the same opinion as me. I was really unimpressed with the '09 888. Granted it is one of the floatiest throws I have ever had the priviledge of owning, but it really lacked the balance and spin time that other yoyos have provided for me. I understand that it’s been used to win several prestigious titles, but in all honesty those titles were won by some of the best yoyoers of all time who’s skills are great enough that they could have competed with nothing more than a rock tied to a string. That was a bit of an exaggeration, but my point is that those titles were won by the players and not the yoyo.

None of these comments are answering my question. Im trying to buy on for less than 100. Store ordered not BST or trades. What would the average price be without all the extras!!