All the 888s

How many 888s are there and what are the differences between them?
The most relevant topic I could find was from 2009, with the release of the 444 I was wondering if there was any new editions.


This is the one I have hung onto it has 2 dings and the anodization has faded from use and sunlight.

YoYoFactory 888.11 (808 Hawaii Edition) : Fifth year commemorative 888 yo-yo,
updates include a wider body and new weight distribution that brings the weight down 2.5 grams compared to the 888X. Another update comes to the inside of the yo-yo. It has a slight step to the bearing seat to widen the gap and reduce string contact with the inner wall.


07 888 - 6061
08 888 - 7075
09 888 - high wall (back to 6061?)
888x V1 - made in China designation
888x V2 (2011) release - still made in China heavier than the 888x V1
888.11 - back to its roots shared similar design as the 07 and the hubs are closed
Titanium- 888
888 MMXX - stainless steel version
888 66% - mini 888

This is not all inclusive of the different colorways and styles but this is pretty much the year models, some were released with small bearings, some were high wall, they did a lot of experimentation. 07 and 08 are regarded as the “best” 888’s - but I do fancy the 888x in both versions as well as it was not a bad YoYo by any means.

Just my 2cents


Don’t forget the light weight red 888s from 07


Thanks for this insight into the big 888 world.

There are random special editions of the 888 that were produced. It’s a fun little yoyo, but a modern redesign would be cool. My LoTR 888 is one of like 30-ish. I snagged this randomly back in 2009, I have a flat gold 888 from 2008 in my lost collection as well. They are both fun to have in the collection.


Need more details on this…

Also, I read the bio in your profile, welcome back to yoyo. I did a similar 10 year break for the same reasons and it is good to see folks with similar history.

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With out trying to usurp the thread, I have a collection that is… somewhere… as best I can figure, it’s in my ex-wife’s possession. She is happy to get it back to me… if she ever runs across it.

I have the aforementioned 2008 888, some super stars, a purple with gold splash skyline, a flee or two, hattrick, route 66 from the chico yo yo company, yoyo recreations dreadnought, one drop project 2, as well as another one drop I forget the name of (early side effects). I have a bundle of snack time strings id be happy to re-aquire. Many of my old throws should still be playable, they all had ceramic bearings lol. I’m sure there are others I’m forgetting to mention, but these were the ones I miss.


The Precious…


One 888 to rule them all…


What could you tell me about the 44 special?

The 44 special - was a YYF 44 with hubstacks

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Like the recent 44 that came out a few months ago?

No the new 44 and 444 are different - pretty vastly differently honestly.

I prefer the new 44 and 444 - but let’s take this to PM’s as not to derail the 888 thread

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I also grabbed one of these from Bird In Hand back in 2010. I sold it because I was starting to hear whispers every time I played it. When I picked it up, a dark shadow would cover the sky and I felt like I was being watched. Just the idea of the foul-tongue being in my house started to make me feel uneasy…

Once gone, the skies brightened and I felt free of its evil influence. For some reason, however, I miss it terribly.


It must have been frustrating to play it in public. I can imagine you’d run through the most perfect routine you’d ever done, just as a bevy of attractive women were strolling by, only to realize you’d been rendered invisible while the yoyo was strung on your finger.



I know; right? It is amazing how many people just do not undesrstand this.


888’s are dreaaamy, I’ve owned 2 for A few weeks, I wish I didn’t sell one off and one was a demo I got lended and I had to return it after I performing for this local chain store.
twas one of theb first ones manufactured in China iirc.
I hope 888’s will return, they’re a timeless design (lolg 5 too btw)

The titanium 888 is one of my all time favorite throws, and the best performing out of all the 888s imo. If you are able to find one definitely pick it up. Embodies all the best parts of the 2007 888 while being a slight upgrade on it.