Help with identifying a specific 888

So ever since it came out in 2007 the 888 has always been one of my favorite throws. I know some of you are tired of it and the yoyo industry has advanced quite a bit since 2007, but still I love them! Since there are so many different models and colors I think it would be dumb to own 2 of the exact same color and I will never be able to afford or be able to find every single colorway from every single year ever made but I do have almost all the years starting from 2007. Its the one throw that I have the most of by FAR!
SB 2007, LB 2007, Rare Hardcoat 2008, ???, 888x, 888.11

I am wondering if anyone can help me with what the 4th one I have labeled as ??? is called. I got a really good deal about 2-3 months ago, he said its a 2008, it is quite a bit shorter than all of the others, same diameter, small bearing, with dice stacks. I was thinking it was a 2008 888w (highwall?) but I remember on the 2007 888w’s the whole point was to make it even lighter. This sucker weighs in at around 67.5 grams, that is with the dice stacks and I am not sure if they came that way or someone added them after they bought it. Anyways it has very cool laser work on it, pretty much every single graphic that was on every special ed 888’s in 2007-2008.
Artwork on the inside. (alot on the rims as well but didnt want to take a bunch of pics to show it all around!)
The inside, small bearing with pads instead of silicone. It looks like it was chopped so idk?

Thanks for the help, been trying to search for the model online and had no luck! Im sure someone who knows alot about yoyos could help me out =).


that would be the 080808 888 but stripped

It’s actually the 09 version though

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Ahhh thank you very much! Yeah it is exactly like that edition, so I guess I technically have an 888 for every year! :). Its not the shiny ano like on the other ones but it seems like it has to be coated with SOMETHING? Its not slippery like a raw metal, hmmm idk. I did some more research on this and most of the 09 888’s were the exact same width (height when on its side, forgot the official term) as all the rest, except the Aqua 09 888s were 1mm shorter, so it seems like maybe these special ed 080808s were pulled out of the Aqua 09 batch, since this is a small bearing version it is even shorter? (idk if size a and size c bearings have the same height when layed flat).

So looking at the 080808s they had a small bearing one that was anodized black, so this one could have been one that just didnt go through the final stage.

This brings me to another question; Where did the original buyer get it from?? It has a bunch of laser graphics but none of them are the “B Grade” stamp, it could be possible they bought/ traded for it with someone on Team YYF, but I really dont remember seeing any of these sold at any online stores…

Also was wondering how rare this one is? I havent seen one like this ever before, does anyone know how many black sb pipipis were made, and what about these? Its a great yoyo and I could care less about resale value because for 1 Im sure it wouldnt be much more than I payed for it, and 2 I like how unique it plays, faster than any of my other 888s and with the weight it spins forever!! Ill do some more research but originally I thought I was just getting a regular 08 888 and actually got something more unique!!

Thanks for that info Sparhawk! :slight_smile: