Please help me identify this 888 model

Can you guys please help me identify what year this 888 is.
I picked it up a little while ago but I can’t determine what year it is. The shape makes me think it might be a 888x but the logo is different than I have seen before.
The logo in the cup looks like the 08/08/08 release but it is small instead of taking up the entire cup.


Bump. Anybody seen this before???

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Bump. I guess nobody has seen this model before either. Does anybody know how I could get in contact with YoYoFactory to get them to help me identify it.


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Looks 2009 to me. Around 2009 was when they moved from the standard 888 shape to one that was more high walled.


Take a look at this site. It looks like the first one to Me:

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Yup, it says

"Highwall Eight8eight

20 pieces silver small bearing released through theyostore

50 pieces aqua large bearing released through yoyonation"

So it could be the 2007 high wall aqua.

Honestly, the different 888 editions get a bit confusing. I have yet to try THE classic magical 888, 2007 low wall in 6061 aluminum, but I would like to. Even though the other editions I’ve had are cool (2008/2009), I still feel like I’m missing something lol

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Highwall would be my guess too. The confusing part to me is that the highwall portion also has blue ano. The highwalls I recall were raw in that area.

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The 888 logo is wrong for an 07’ I think. That being said I’m not certain what edition it is. The logo is a small version of the 09’ logo.

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The 2009 production run was designed with the high wall rather than cut down after the fact, so they were anodized fully.

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I have one that looks exactly like yours, except somebody polished the rims. I bought it from yoyobrothers who said it was an 07 high wall, I’ve always suspected it might be an '09 but I’ve never been able to find any other information.

Is that upside down middle 8 on any others?


I think the charm of the 888 was lost on me because I didn’t use the hub stacks too much. I went through a lot of them, some would have been highly collectible if I kept them. They played well, some could be slippery, I recall a nicely sized gap.

I traded, and eventually there were none.

Probably should have kept my original 07 aqua for nostalgia. Oh well.

Thank you guys for your input. I really appreciate it.