LF: '09 888s

Hey guys. Looking for any '09 YYF 888s. Let me know what you have! Thanks!

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Is this what you are looking for? I would have bought this in 2010 so I’m assuming it would be a '09 DV888. This one is in excellent condition with no scratches, scrapes or dings. (It’s only ever been played over carpet.) I’m not hot to sell it or anything but what are you looking to pay for one?


Sorry, I should have sent this via message. :frowning_face:

No, I’m looking for 888’s not DV888’s.


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I have one of these if that is what your after


the purple one. IT was my first non responsive and metal.

That is an 888x. Looking for an '09 888. Different years

How do you tell what one it is? mine is that color. This is the box. Do not have it here

it is pictured here top right of case

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All 888x’s are made in China. They were also all made after 2009. 888’s all had different attributes (i.e. more rim weight, or a highwall) in the years '07-'11. At least the American made ones did.

Ahhh so if it says MIC below YYF than its the ‘x’ version. Got it.

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These are some of the 2009 888’s. They’re high-walled and were heavier than the 07 and 08 but a gram or two lighter than the 888x (2010)

The 888 logo is outlined in the cup like the Steve Brown edition in the picture (except for the ocho re-release) and maybe a special edition here and there.

They seem to be really hard to find now, sorry I don’t have any! I’ve been seeing the black with gold splash version pop up once in awhile, maybe it will again soon!

new888 4028703649_e209cb959d


Oh wow yeah, haven’t seen any of these outlined 888 models pop up in any b/s/t in the last year that I can recall:


Ok Good to know. I had no idea.

That’s actually an 08 08 08 edition 888. Not a Steve Brown I don’t think.

I believe you are correct Vega. That is a LB 08/08/08. I have the black SB version.

Ah I see, thanks LJ! The 888 engraving is similar for most 09’s, regardless.

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Any chance you have any 07’s you want to trade? :slight_smile: