So I found an 888x New In Stock

Finally, I found an OG 888 for sale on a yoyo website and it’s not a one off that someone returned, apparently they have several in stock. This has been my white whale for some time now, and I’m happy. However, it’s an international site and the price is 79,00€. That’s about $100 USD, right? So is this worth it for a NIB 888, or should I keep searching BST and r/ and ebay? Also, the only difference between an 888 and an 888x is packaging, right? Or is the 888GT close enough to the OG except with improvements, and should be good enough to sate my 888 appetite like tendies and hunny mussy from mummy now that new Daddy succumbed to my REEEEE! All insights and suggestions much appreciated. Also, what are mint/near mint 888’s goin for these days?

Well, let me start by saying I know absolutely nothing about this yoyo. I cannot comment on how it performs at all, nor how it compares to any other throws

However, you did say that you’ve been looking for this specific throw for quite some time. It’s one of your grails. Your “white whale”.

And now you’ve located one that also happens to ve brand-spankin-new.

I’d say go for it dude. 100 dollars for one of your dream yoyos in brand new condition is a small price to pay for something you’ve had at the top of your list. Could you maybe find it cheaper somewhere at some point? Ya probably. But you also might not see another one come up in such great condition again.

If it’s your white whale, I’d say don’t worry about getting the best deal possible. Don’t miss the opportunity to get something you’ve been wanting. Pull the trigger and I’m almost positive you’ll be happy to have snagged one of your grails


I like the way you think on this matter; mostly because it’s the same thing I thought when I saw it new for sale.

The 888x was produced in fairly large numbers and is not as sought after as the older 888s. I would just pick one up on the BST personally since they aren’t really rare. Up to you though. It’s not worth $100 to me, but if it’s worth $100 to you then that’s all that matters really.


OK, the 888 has had a lot of changes over the years, so I’ll try to explain a little:

OG 888 – Came out in 2007, yuuki used it to win worlds. Came in a large and small bearing version. Many people consider these the best. I used to own a small bearing, and I’m still ticked I traded it, because it was super good, and I didn’t really know what I had. If you can snag one of these, do it! because I’ll be trying to outbid you.

08-888 – These were very similar to the 07, except they were made out of 7075 aluminum. I think these also have a touch higher wall. These are also super good, but most people would consider these a touch inferior to the 07’s. I still have my aqua colored one, and except for a little vibe, it still plays great.

09-888 – I’m not that familiar with this model, I think that it was heavier than the previous 2 and had yet a higher wall.

888x – Came out in 2010 (hence the X). The big difference is that these were all made in China. They are heavier still and have a high wall. yyf sold more of these than any other model, and when most newer players think of the 888, they think of this one. I used to own a silver one that I bought used but mint for 50$, and sold it later on for what I paid for it. In my opinion, these are the worst 888s. They are super smooth, and grind great, but they lack the float and soul of the original. They do however, have more spin power. I personally would never pay $100 for one, but to each his own. Some people really like the increase in power.

11-888 – Rounded inner wall, more organic than even the 07 model, less weight than the 888x, and the line in the middle has been reduced to a faint remnant. I’m pretty sure these were also made in America. They play fantastic! Maybe even better than the 07 model? I have a Jason Lee model and I can’t see ever getting rid of it. Snag one of these if you can!

888GT – never played it, but I wouldn’t really consider it a true 888, except for the name.

Hope this helps


Yes it does, I’m really looking for an '07 888 (the true OG), or an '08. I honestly didn’t knpw there was such a significant difference between the 888x and the OG. You just saved me a benjamin. If you ever happen to see an 07 or 08 888 come up for sale I’d be forever indebted.

Thanks Garret, I just got schooled on the differences between a true OG ('07) 888 and the 888x, and to me the x is NOT worth Mr Franklin leaving my pocket. If you happen to come across an 07, or even an 08 888 I’d greatly appreciate it of you remembered me. Thanks again


That is what I call a helpful reply.

Well done!

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Very helpful indeed!

Another super good old school yyf you may want to consider is the Skyline. Faster and more stable than the 888, yet still has that great float to it. There’s a guy on the facebook BST (not me) selling a white powdercoated one for $75. If I had a Mr. Franklin burning a hole in my pocket instead of the IOU notes to my wife for previous yoyo purchases, that’s what I would burn it on


This is good but does not cover the DNA or mutant iterations of the 888!


Or the beloved DV888! :grin:


I just acquired a dv888! Mr Francz sent it to me as an early birthday present after trying to trade it for over a month with no takers. Now, I see why…

…Because it’s so good.


Hope you’re not outside; lighting might strike ya for that one. :zap:

@doug77 are you sure of this? I know the elite raw edition was but I wasn’t aware that they all were.


I’m pretty sure the 08s were 7075. I bought an aqua one and I remember that one of the selling points was that it was 7075. yoyowiki also states that they gained a harder and more durable aluminum alloy.

I didn’t include the DV888 because it’s not really an 888, it’s more of it’s own entity, basically a metal DV8 based on the Buzz-on DV8. I don’t think real highly of it, except that it’s a great yoyo to beat the crap out of.

The DNA and Mutant DNA are enlarged 888’s also made out of 7075 aluminum. I think they are both fantastic, especially the DNA. I need to get one.


This is the reason I liked mine and wished I kept it. Like $35 on the BST near mint years ago. Never played an earlier one so I didn’t know what I was missing. I liked the power and powder smooth grinding like a GY honestly and of course the hubs. Reason I sold it was if I played it long it hurt the finger from the weight.

Not sure on the 888GT myself. I wouldn’t consider it a true 888 either and wouldn’t want one. Your post perked my interest on the older one though.