07 888

So everyone knows how iconic of a throw this is. I remember when they 1st were coming out, I remember Yuuki owning worlds, and I remember the plethora of editions that followed. 08’s, 09’s, X’s, small bearing with .555pads (shoulda used regular difs IMO…too slippy), small bearing with kpads, highwall, etc… There were many. I’ve owned pretty much every type, except an OG, large bearing 07. Never could get my hands on one, never really put in the effort. But I just got one a few days ago.

Now, it certainly isn’t a Chief. It’s an undersized throw, and while it’s a performer for sure, compared to a Messiah, or other more “modern” undersized throws, it ain’t quite the same. But I’ll be darned if it isn’t a nearly flawless throw, especially for being over 6 years old. It’s just… awesome. Like I said, I’ve played all the newer iterations of 888, and for whatever reason they just don’t stack up. The feel just wasn’t… the same. In the pursuit of improvement, something got missed. Higher grade aluminum didn’t make em better, added weight didn’t either. I’m not trying to knock the newer versions, they’re certainly excellent throws, and perhaps I’m just nostalgic. But I feel like for all my newer throws, I’m gonna be tossing this 888 A LOT. I generally throw fullsized throws, I generally throw heavier throws, and I’m not big on hubstacks. I don’t care. This throw is a beast, and while everyone already knows it, I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. I was lucky enough to get a rarer red edition, not sure how many exist, but it’s pretty boss. Here are some pics.

Much props to Dizzo on the sweet deal.

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Is that the Cherry?

No… I checked out Ben’s(RIP…) 888 history, and there was a red edition that was released in small amounts, so it’s gotta be that one. It isn’t the cherry one. The ano’s faded a bit over the years, but it’s almost definitely an 07, I threw it on a scale to double check and the weight/feel fits as best as I can tell. It’s got the OG dorothy bearing and delrin stacks too. A thing of rare beauty, it is…

I almost pulled the trigger on that from dizzo a few times. Kind of wish I would have.

Yeah, with yoyos I never have buyer’s remorse when I buy something. I do have reverse buyer’s remorse when I repeatedly consider buying something and then it’s gone and I kick myself for not getting it. This was one of those times, partially just because the deal was so good since I certainly didn’t need another 07 888. Though I would sort of like to have a custom ano one done one day to go with my SpottedBanana highwall 07 888 that I love to look at but lost interest in playing because it’s just a little too light and unstable for me.

07 888s are really sweet and it’s amazing that their level of play has held up so well. I throw mine regularly and it’s one of my favorite throws since I’m an undersized fiend.

I just got an '07 SB Stealth 888 at worlds. The thing is awesome. One of my favorites now.

edit: not much to say but how easy is it to access the stacks because on the new catalyst it is hard with out Z’s

I’m surprised I was the 1st. At 80 bucks it was a friggin’ steal in my book. I’m unclear on how many of this colorway even exist… there’s not an exact number listed on the 888 history thread. Newer throws may be in higher demand nowadays, but I’m glad I opted for a classic.

Z stacks will always be waaay easier to grab than regular stacks… I mostly use regular stacks for pull starts or grabbing from a grind, it’s really hard to just grab outta the air.

On page 3 of the YYN thread one of the posters states “Apparently there are 30 Limited Run Red '07 888’s…” but I have no clue if that is correct. I certainly haven’t seen many in that specific colorway in the past few years on the BST. As a whole 07 888s aren’t terribly hard to come across but finding specific colorways surely isn’t an easy task. There are quite a few I really regret not picking up over the past couple years. I love my one Peak and there are quite a few more I would like to purchase if I’m presented with the opportunity but at most there are about 10 “must have” colorways for me. I already own five 888s and could easily own twenty more if I managed to find them all.

I’m still waiting for a spingear to show up

I’ve seen 1 total on the BST since the 888’s release

I definitely can’t recall ever seeing one between spring 2010-now which is the time period since I started frequenting YYN/YYE BST. I’m not even sure what the “white wall” 888s look like that Ben mentions in his thread although from the sound of it they were not terribly rare. Between yoyowiki and Ben’s thread I feel like I’ve seen every other 07 888 listed that was ever sold publicly (I had never seen an allyoyo one but there is a beat b-grade one listed on the BST that I assume is an 07 right now). Collecting yoyos sure is addicting…

The white wall was a half red and half grey and the inner hub had a white wall

The pre-pro 888 is still my all time favorite. The one to really look for is an 07 yuuki 888. They were sold directly through yyf members and never actually released. The public released version is an 08 version and you can tell from the engravings. I’ve seen 2 07 yuuki’s on the BST.

My old 888 collection is on this flickr

The prepro 888 is freaking amazing. I still own an AYYA '07… It was my first metal.

semi necro but this thread made me pick up a sb 07 and prepro 07 that both came in the mail today. Obviously they don’t blow my other 07s or 08 out of the water but they make me quite happy and play very very well. So far even with my sloppy play I haven’t found any downsides as a result of the small bearing and there are definite upsides.

If this is the white wall being referred to it’s a Bird in Hand edition. One of 25 if I recall.

Are you talking about the black/red dragon?

The silver/purple 07

Both those pictures just made my jaw drop. I want to go to there.

I am fairly certain that the pic above is a U.S. Nationals edition
The red and grey with whitewalls

I think I have half a beat up b grade of one of these. One side is blue minus the white wall, but the red side definitely has it). Also, weirdly enough the red side doesn’t have a b grade stamp. I don’t think it counts as one of said 25…

I want another run of classic 888s really bad. It would be a nice Christmas gift.