LF: Cheap 888


My budget is not letting me spend too much (college is draining =), but I’m looking to buy a good condition (preferably near mint condition) 888 for $65 or under

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #2

Dnag, that’s one good deal. Too bad i got no money. I’m just saying, VERY good deal.

(JonasK) #3

There’s currently no deal. Lemme translate that title for you:

Looking For: Cheap 888


mhmm, just looking for one right now. but dang, you have a whole lot of 888’s in your signature D:… you wouldn’t happen to want to sell any of them to me would you?? =]


I’m pretty sure he doesn’t own them.

I’ll look for a good deal on an 888 in the B/S/Ts, not too hard to find one these days.

EDIT: Seems like you can offer here: http://www.yoyonation.com/talk/index.php/topic,62619.msg702664.html#msg702664


Thanks, I actually sent this guy an offer earlier today x]
BTW, is there any big difference between the 07 edition and the 09 one?

(Zer0) #7

weight i think. 09 is heavier


They’re made of different metals, weight’s different. But they’re both 888s, and play pretty similar from my expirience.


Also the metal is different, the size is different, response is different, etc.


Still can’t seem to find anybody selling a good condition 888 for the price I’m looking for. Are there any other good metal yo-yos that play similarly to the 888? How does the DV888 compare to it? I know it’s not based off the 888 from what I’ve heard, but from a different yo-yo.


well I have an 888 with a center trac in it, but I would never sell it


hmm, doesn’t seem like anybody’s selling. you guys think i should just wait for the 888x to come out and buy that one instead? i heard that it’s going to be under 100 when it comes out

(Infinite Chaos) #13

might as well, better really watch though for the release date, it’ll probably sell out REAL quick


zomg, what do you know, the 888x is out now at $99.95 :smiley:
i’m gonna be broke now… i’m not sure if i’m allowed to post up the site that sells it, but just google yoyofactory 888x and you’ll find it =]

(JM) #15

I’m selling a 888 for 65, check out my B/S/T


i saw the offer, but at the same time, i found the 888x, and it also came in the color that i really wanted so my temptations just made me buy it. now i’m broke for a while haha… i was also pretty tempted to get your campfire, but now i have no money for it.


I have a orange aqua splash edition 888 has one or two dings good condition

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