Looking for Your older** 888


**NO dead yoyos please…
I’ve admired the 888 for a while and never was able to nab one so i’m looking for your older gen 888 if you’d be so kind…


(JM) #2

I’ve got a crazy smooth red/raw 09 B-grade…what did you have in mind.


Well I’ve got some cash and that’s about it I believe…
how much would you like for it…?

(JM) #4

I was more interested in a trade to be honest, sorry. I only paid $50 for it at worlds, but I’m not interested in selling it for that.


i got a raw 08 888 small bearing in mint condition ill let go for a good price
pm me an offer


Haha,my luck…
The only yoyo I’ve got at the moment is my m1…

(system) #7